10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up The Hunger Games

Hunger game prequel song snake sing Scheduled to hit theaters on November 17 next year, fans can’t wait to see the first direct-to-video adaptation of Suzanne Corin’s book. Although the film will tell the story of Coriolanus Snow from the 10th annual Hunger Games, audiences are still eager to learn more about Panem, his notorious rival, and his despised president.

Hunger game is an international phenomenon, watched by thousands of teenagers around the world, who find inspiration and excitement in the stories of Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark. There’s so much to say Hunger game, But most can be summed up in hilarious memes.

competitive hunger

The Hunger Games is a competition in which selected people from impoverished areas fight each other to the death in an arena. Given that the contestants had little or no food and were really hungry, the ruthless and mean-spirited futuristic gym was named after that fact.

The premise of sending the poor to war is not new and has been mentioned in many ways throughout history. Although the name The Hunger Games was coined by Suzanne Collins, for those who prefer to use the thesaurus, it can also be referred to as “The Beginning Event” or “Hunger Entertainment”.


exist Hunger game In some areas, there are training facilities that turn young boys and girls into powerful boxers who know how to control themselves in competition, and eventually become volunteers. Other unlucky regions are forced to compete without prior training.

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However, once selected, Tribute will undergo some training before the Hunger Games begin. Katniss has proven herself to be one of the toughest women in action movies by winning without serious training, so one can imagine the people at the training center crying. when the best student loses to her.

Rich people are scary

The Hunger Games has many Oscar nominations, most of them perfectly portraying the selfish, vain, and evil people of the Capitol, who are so protective of their privilege that they don’t care about others. trampled, oppressed, killed. to keep their goods.

As long as they get what they want, they don’t particularly care about the fate of others, so, as the meme points out, entitlement means nothing to them. Humane treatment of County residents means they’ll have to lose their favorite annual TV massacre, so they’d rather continue to treat them like scum.

death is entertainment

The people of the Capitol seem really invested in tributes, which is why contestants are advised to win the hearts and minds of viewers to get sponsors to give them what they want. needed on the field. To them, though, it’s like a self-amusing dog blood play, and they really don’t care if people live or die.

Viewers of the Capitol can be compared to Loki’s sinister and selfish behavior towards humans or other creatures. They have no real empathy for the suffering or unhappiness of others, even though they recognize the pain they witness or cause.

everything is twisted

Although this is one of the best sci-fi movies for teenagers, Hunger game Can really draw on facts and tackle adult topics that question the political system and the power of the media. The cruelty behind the hidden competition in entertainment such as glasses, fashion… has also happened in the history of the world.

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Everything looks gorgeous and beautiful, like a Mr. Superman is handsome, but the truth is much darker and unsettling than it seems, like a creepy-looking Robert Parr. The book and film succeed in making the viewer question what is always supposed to be true and the truth behind it.

katniss is a badass

Hunger game is one of Jennifer Lawrence’s best films, and there’s no doubt why a woman as nimble and capable as Katniss is world-recognised. Everdeen breaks out as a heroine, resolving all conflicts with her strength and intelligence.

She has amazing survival and archery skills, she is agile, athletic, rebellious and smart. She knows how to stand her ground and has a clear sense of right and wrong. She could easily be compared to any other man depicted as having the world on her shoulders and she excels at it.

strong peeta

Katniss is a good archer, and Peeta is a strong young man who can lift a pound of dough on his head. He has unmatched strength, but that’s not his only skill, he also has a talent for drawing and crafting.

These two qualities have saved his life many times, and he also knows how to win the hearts of the public in the Capitol. He may look small next to a special woman like Katniss, but when it comes to holding hands, he can be as ferocious and defiant as any other tribute in the game.

Poisonous berries

berries in Hunger game. Not only did they accidentally kill Fox Face, the only opponent who seemed smart and cunning enough to challenge Katniss and Peeta, but they were also the pair’s final statement that would unmask the Capitol.

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Katniss and Peeta decide to eat berries rather than kill each other, much to Snow’s anger at the winner of District 12. Berries are deadly, but they’re also the most powerful political statement any tribute can make. can be given.

Love triangle

Katniss has a boyfriend back home who loves her deeply, but the events of the Hunger Games cause her to betray his lover for fame and sponsorship. In the end, she can’t help but love the man who saved her life, and it’s hard to judge her like this after going through such an experience.

Near death, seeing the cruelty of humanity but finding refuge in Peeta, it feels like a spell, and Gale has to see it all on the screen. It was bad enough that Gale was terrified of Katniss’ life, but it was heartbreaking to see her fall in love with someone else. However, Katniss seems happy to press both option buttons at the same time and feels loved by two wonderful men.

do not accept mercy

The Capitol craves death and drama, and while Katniss and Peeta give viewers some rom-com, they don’t kill each other the way Snow wants. Their role brought hope to the oppressed Panem district, sparking riots and ultimately rebellion.

Katniss could never have foreseen how her actions would inspire so many people to fight against the Capitol, and her situation could certainly be likened to someone trying to squeeze chop the pawns in Jenga, only for the towers to fall on the player.

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