Zelda: BOTW’s Most Powerful Recipes (& How to Make Them)

Food and cooking are essential parts The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, some of these formulas have more power than others. Both ingredients and cooked foods can greatly help Link, as can elixir, each of which can help Link restore health and stamina, and sometimes provide other benefits, such as resistance to cold or heat. What do you know? BOTW The best recipes are vital survival skills for all the different enemies Link encounters and the landscapes he explores.

Breath of the Wild There are 118 different dishes and 12 basic elixir with different variations. Recipes use only food ingredients, while elixir requires a combination of creature and monster/guardian parts – and sometimes some odd culinary combinations. There are many ways to combine ingredients to create different recipes and elixir, know which is useful BOTW The recipe will benefit Link the most during his travels through Hyrule.

The following Breath of the Wild Recipes that provide the exact ingredients needed for the results listed; These formulations can be made with other ingredients, but the effect is less pronounced.

Best BOTW Endurance Secret

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild There’s a lot of climbing, and depending on the player’s skill level and weapon availability, a lot of running away from enemies. Link can drain his Stamina very quickly, even when Link’s Stamina is on BOTW. The following recipes will restore or increase Link’s stamina, which is sure to be useful for those who climb high mountains or rush to safety.

Food’s name



Stir-fried tough vegetables

Added 2 extra fitness wheels

5 Carrot Stamina

chewy steamed meat

Add 1 fitness wheel

2 Endura Carrots, 2 Endura Mushrooms, 1 Raw Meat

Durable Shiitake Mushroom

Add 1 fitness wheel

2 Endura Carrots, 3 Endura Mushrooms

Grilled Raw Fish with Salt

Add up to 3 wheels of stamina

2 Staminoka Sea Bass, 2 Staminoka Mushrooms, Rock Salt

sugar honey energy

Reload up to 2 Wheels Durability 4/5

5 raw honey

Best BOTW Secrets of the Heart

Breath of the Wild Link stands in front of the statue of the goddess holding the heart box

Heart repair projects are some of the most important recipes Breath of the Wild. When the game starts, Link starts with only three hearts, so anything extra for health helps if the player doesn’t want to BOTW Poor health. The following recipes will give Link all the love he needs, and sometimes more.

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Food’s name



Fish Skewers with Mushrooms

Fully restored + 20 extra hearts

3 hearty truffles, 2 hearty salmon

Rich seafood skewers

Fully restored + 10 more hearts

2 hearty salmon, 1 hearty sea bass, 1 Hyrule sea bass, 1 three-gram carp

fish skewers

Fully restored + 5 more hearts

Hearty Sea Bass + Hearty Salmon

Steamed meat

up to 28 hearts

4 pieces of raw meat, 1 carrot

glazed mushrooms

up to 28 hearts

4 hearty Chunky truffles, 1 Courser Bee honey

glazed meat

up to 28 hearts

4 pieces of raw meat, 1 honey

steamed fruit

up to 28 hearts

4 durians, 1 Endura carrot

The best secret against BOTW situation

Link dressed as a Grudo woman in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Taking into account all the different climates The link goes through Breath of the Wildhe’s bound to encounter some bad weather. Food that withstands cold, heat, and electricity is essential when traveling through these areas, unless the player is trying to make Link fire resistant BOTW。 Recipes labeled “spicy” are anti-cold, “cold” are anti-hot, and “electric” are anti-electric.

Food’s name



spicy mushrooms

30 minutes against cold

3 Sunshrooms, Warm Saffina, Horn Shard of Farosh

Spicy Fish Skewers

30 minutes against cold

Whisperfin Trout, 3 fairies, any piece of dragon horn

Spicy fruit and mushroom mix

12:30 Minutes against the cold

4 chili peppers, temple mushrooms

spicy fried chili

12:30 Minutes against the cold

5 chili

Cold mix of fruit and mushrooms

30 minutes high temperature resistance

3 Chillshroom, Watermelon, Farosh Horn Shard

cold vegetarian rice balls

11 minutes high temperature resistance

4 Cool sea lotus rice

Electric Fish Mushroom Skewer Machine

30 minutes against electricity

3 Voltshrooms, Lightningshrooms, Farosh Horn Fragments

Electric Fish Skewers

30 minutes against electricity

2 Voltfin Trout, 2 Fairies, any Dragon Horn Fragment

electric stewed fruit

30 minutes against electricity

4 Voltmeter, monster extract

Best BOTW recipe for mobile speed

Link to escape from the big monster in Breath of the Wild

Many players soon realize that sometimes running away from enemies is the best option. Whether the enemy was too strong or unexpected, sometimes Link just needed to run instead of fighting. Fortunately, there are secrets in Breath of the Wild This helps make Link faster.

Food’s name



Mixed Fruit and Mushroom Rush

30 minutes acceleration

Fleet of Lotus Seeds, Mushrooms, Fallowsh Horn Shards

Instant vegan cream soup

11:20 minutes of acceleration

2 carrots, fresh milk, rock salt, monster extract

folding apple pie

10:10 min Acceleration

Cane sugar, apple, lotus seed, goat oil, tabantha wheat

Best BOTW Attack and Defense Secrets

Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Link wielding Hylia's Shield

Boosting Link’s defense or attack stats is beneficial when dealt BOTWThe strongest enemy. “Hard” dishes increase Link’s defense, while “huge” dishes increase his attack. There are rich recipes in it BOTW For each genre, it depends on the needs of the player at that time.

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Food’s name



Grilled Fish with Salt

4: 50 minutes of intense defense enhancement

Iron Mushroom, Fresh Milk, Rock Salt, 2 Sea bream

hard omelette

4: 50 minutes of intense defense enhancement

4 reishi mushrooms, bird eggs

Tough Porgy Meunière

4: 50 minutes of intense defense enhancement

Tabantha Wheat, Goat Butter, 3 Armored Red snapper

mighty fruit stew

30 minutes of intense attack enhancement

4 mighty bananas, shards of any dragon horn

mighty fruit stew

10 minutes of intense attack enhancement

4 strong bananas, monster extract

Mighty Herb Sauté

5: 30 minutes of intense attack boost

2 Mighty Porgy, Mighty Thistle, Bird Egg, Goron Spice

Stealth .’s Best BOTW Recipes

BOTW Link Battle Yiga Guild Member

when some players are Breath of the Wild Using an all-out frontal attack, others can play stealthier and more cunning. Despite that, there are times when stealth is necessary, especially when facing the Iga race. Luckily for Link, there are some BOTW A recipe that increases his stealth and makes him harder to detect.

Food’s name



Sneaky Stir-Fried Vegetables

Elevator invisible for 30 minutes

3 Silent Princess, Elf, Farrow’s Horn Piece

sneaky steamed fish

Elevator invisible for 10 minutes

Silent Princess, 2 Silent Mushrooms, 2 Snail Snails

Sneaky Stir-Fried Vegetables

Elevator invisible for 10 minutes

5 silent princesses

The Best BOTW Elixir Ingredients Combination

Many enemies from Breath of the Wild line the lawn

The elixir of life Made from a combination of creatures (e.g. frogs, insects, lizards) and monster parts that Link can also sell in Kilton’s Monster Shop BOTW. The type of creature used determines the type of elixir produced, while the monster’s share affects the duration of the elixir effect. The strongest monster parts are Bokogoblin Guts, Moblin Guts, Lizalfos Tails (all types), Lynel Guts, Keese Eyeballs, Modulga Guts, Hynox Guts, Neck Cores, and Ancient Cores. Link can craft 11 different powerful elixir using these monster parts and any of the creatures listed.

Name of elixir


Additional ingredients

rich elixir

extra heart

passion lizard

Vitality elixir

physical recovery

The restless cricket, the energetic rhino beetle

The elixir of life

more stamina

frogs are not tired

The elixir of haste

increase movement speed

Hot-legged frog, High-tailed Lizard

stealth elixir

increased stealth

sunset fireflies

powerful elixir

increase attack

Rhinoceros beetle

Powerful elixir

strengthen defense

powerful rhino beetle

Spicy elixir

cold resistant

Summerwing Butterfly, warm Dana


heat resistance

Winterwing Butterfly, Cold Dana

Electric elixir


Thunderwing Butterfly, Electric Dana

fire elixir

protect the fire

Fire Lizard Choking Butterfly

The following special ingredients add time BOTW The elixir of life:

  • Dilar’s Tooth Piece – 630 seconds
  • Dilar’s Horn Shard – 1800 seconds
  • Nydra Fang Shard – 630 seconds
  • Nidra Horn Shard – 1800 seconds
  • Fang of Farosh Shard – 630 seconds
  • Farosh’s Horn Shard – 1800 seconds
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know how to cook better BOTW Many combination recipes can be unlocked by using the right ingredients. The best ingredients are not always needed and what players use will depend on the situation and circumstances Link faces. It is always beneficial to have plenty of elixir available for any occasion.

See more Elixirs and Secrets the breath of the wild, Watch this YouTube video from Hyrule Dude here showing some Cook Link BOTW The best recipes in action!

There is so much to discover in Hyrule, secrets that players are still uncovering Breath of the Wild And need to be ready to take on anything. Recipes and elixir are important to boost Link’s health, stamina, and stats. It is not clear whether these same formulas apply to The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdombut for now, this was the best food Link could eat.

  • Breath of the Wild 1 poster The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    Series: The Legend of Zelda

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    Release time: 2017-03-03

    Developer: Nintendo EPD

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    Genre: Action Adventure, Open World, Role Playing (RPG)

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    What it is: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, an open-world action-adventure role-playing game from Nintendo, is the latest title in Legend of Zelda’s long timeline. When Link recently awoke from a centuries-long sleep in a mysterious room, Link remembers nothing of how he got there. Through a monstrous voice, he is told that he must stop the Calamity of Ganon from destroying Hyrule – and to do so, he must regain his memory and gain the strength to do so. Link will travel through Hyrule, reawakening four sleeping beasts, helping to reach the castle of darkness, and obtaining the Master Sword. With the help of four guardian friends and the tribes of the land, Link will fight against the forces of darkness and save his friend Princess Zelda. Players will tackle the world any way they want – despite all the difficulties, even Hyrule Castle is not out of reach. Weapons are available everywhere and come in varying degrees of durability and functional strength. Players can use the mysterious Sheikah Tablet, Link’s new artifact that allows him to influence the physics of the world to solve puzzles and destroy enemies. The long-awaited sequel, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, will be released in May 2022.

    Expansion: Trial of the Master, Song of Champions

    Prequel: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

    Sequel: The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

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