The Best Route For Red Dead Redemption 3’s Story To Take

Red Dead Redemption 3 The story values ​​of both games will have to follow and the best route it takes is clear. After the intertwining stories of John Marston and Arthur Morgan, the next main character in the series will have a big boot to fill. However, if the excellent writing of the game is maintained, the third chapter will leave you as satisfied as the first two.

this Red Dead Redemption: Redemption The game tells the story of two outlaws whose fates are linked. Arthur Morgan tries to save the Van der Linde Gang from disaster but fails, and John Marston is forced to track down the remnants of the gang years after the incident. Everything that has happened so far has somehow gotten back to the members of the Van der Linde gang, whether through their actions or their legacy. Maybe Red Dead Redemption 3The protagonist will also have some connections, even if Red Dead Redemption: RedemptionVan der Lindes is done.

Red Dead Redemption 3 will give Van der Linde’s legacy a fitting end

after the first two events Red Dead Redemption: Redemption In the game, the only characters that are affiliated with the Van der Linde Gang and able to continue a similar lifestyle are Jack, Sadie, and Charles. If the game intends to continue focusing on the same set of characters, the opportunity to do so will be gone. Probably the best thing to do with this ongoing plot is to give it an ending.

Van der Linde’s side have featured in every Champions League game to date. Red Dead Redemption: Redemption series. Although this makes sense for the first two cells, unless Red Dead Redemption 3 Another prequel where the gang doesn’t even exist. Survivors are scattered everywhere and have little contact with each other. For all intents and purposes, the Van der Linde gang is done and they probably won’t be back.

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This is absolutely true because almost no one connected to this gang is a criminal. Mary-Beth and Tilly are happily married and lead a peaceful life, Pearson runs a shop and Pastor Swanson is a respected priest. Even among the gang’s surviving fighters, Sadie seems to have settled into life as a bounty hunter, while Charles heads to Canada to start over. The only member still alive as an outlaw is Jake, who is virtually nothing due to the gang disbanding as children.

Red Dead Redemption 2 succeeds in proving that the Van der Linde gang is a symbol of America’s past, despite Red Dead Redemption 3 If they could leave the West, those people would be trapped in the dust of history. Just as the advancement of civilization leaves less and less room for the old outlaws, red zombie The universe is going through the heyday of gangs. Red Dead Redemption 3 Possibly the best chance to write their final chapter.

There are many stories to tell in the Red Dead Redemption universe

Five members of the Red Dead Online team stand next to horses in the desert.

Rockstar has previously shown that it is capable of playing different games in the same region, with different actors at the same time. For example, car theft 5 almost no one from San Andreas Although both take place in Los Santos. For this reason, trust Rockstar to make it easy red zombie A game about new characters unrelated to Van der Lindes.

There are many Western-influenced ideas that have not yet appeared Red Dead Redemption: RedemptionFull story so far. A game that can tell about a lone wanderer who gets into trouble when he encounters a powerful gang. One title could show a bounty hunter using their connections to track down the most dishonest people on both sides of the law. There are many other stories that can be found in red zombie world, but to do this, the game cannot cling to the past unless necessary.

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in spite of Red Dead Redemption: Redemption It’s about the fall of the Van der Linde gang and another series in the same universe that could begin. After all the Red Harlow story, Red Dead Redemption Revolvermain character, happened a long time ago Red Dead Redemption: Redemption exist in the first place. This proved that the setup could handle more ongoing episodes. After Reid and Van der Lindes, it will be interesting to see who is next red zombie The title will focus on .

Artificially extending the Van der Linde Gang story is not good for Red Dead Redemption

Dutch van der Linde smokes cigars near his tent in Red Dead Redemption 2's camp.

Red Dead Redemption 3 Great opportunity to end the story of Van der Lindes on a high note and close that chapter red zombie. While ending this story may disappoint some fans, it’s a better option than continuing as long as it’s unnecessary. Though lauded, such a move could tarnish the story.

About Arthur Red Dead Redemption 2The story as a key member of a gang that works for Red Dead Redemption: Redemption That leaves enough mystery about Van der Lindes for Arthur. At this point, if the game were to go further back in time and introduce another previously unknown Van der Linde, it would feel more contrived than believable. Their history has been enriched enough that bringing more characters into the story requires more skill than is possible.

If Rockstar is trying to force the Van der Linde Gang into the story for too long, it should become clear. It’s better to let their relevance take its course, rather than trying to make them the center of attention. Jack, Charles or Sadie become Red Dead Redemption 3The protagonists, their stories should be the swan song of the Van der Linde family legacy.

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Red Dead Redemption 3 Not only does it need to follow the lofty standards of the first two games, but it also needs to make the right choices for its story. Red Dead Redemption: Redemption Its sequel attempted to tell an interesting and tragic story about the life of an outlaw in the Old West. Red Dead Redemption 3 If it appears, the story that started in the first game will end.

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