Woman surprises parents with business class tickets. Dad says he’ll frame them

Most parents feel a mixture of pride and love when they receive gifts from their grown children. This couple probably felt the same emotions when their daughter surprised them with business class tickets. A video capturing this touching moment has taken social media by storm. It was shared by Instagram user Ishpreet Kaur.

The picture shows a daughter who surprised her parents with business class tickets. (Instagram/@ishpreetkay)

The video opens to show Kaur asking her dad to look at the note she is holding. At first he doesn’t notice the class listed on the map. However, he soon notices this and says in a surprised voice “business class?” Then he adds that this is their first time traveling in that class.

As the man walks towards the boarding gate, he keeps looking at the map. At one point, he also looks at his wife, Kaur’s mom, and says, “Frame karana hai [we will get this framed].”

The video doesn’t end here. It goes on to show how they enjoy the different amenities offered in business class. Although Kauri’s mom doesn’t say anything throughout the video, her facial expressions clearly show how emotional the surprise has left her.

Kaur also shared a detailed description with the video. “Everything I do, I do for these moments! I’ve wanted to fly business class for a while and almost booked tickets but didn’t because it didn’t feel right. I always wanted it to be super special and for my parents to fly before me or with me,” she wrote.

“While I was traveling in the US, it was the PERFECT time for it! I changed them at the last minute and it was the BEST decision ever,” she added.

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In the next few lines, she also told how the surprise left her parents emotional. She added wittily, “Also, he didn’t just say, I’m SURE he’s going to set them up.”

Watch this touching video:

The video was shared four days ago. Since it was posted, the video has gone viral. So far, it has collected close to 1.4 million views. It also garnered several love-filled comments from people.

“I love the way your father keeps looking at you on the plane. She feels blessed. I hope to do the same for my parents,” the Instagram user posted. “This is absolutely beautiful Ishpreet. Manifest it one day,” added another. “That sense of pride,” commented a third. “This is so precious!” wrote the fourth.

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