Woman speaking 6 languages fluently will make your jaw drop. Watch

Learning and mastering a new language can be a challenging task. But one Indian woman living in Japan has mastered not one, two or three, but six languages! She also shared a video of her speaking those languages. Her recording delighted many.

This Indian woman speaks six languages ​​fluently. (Instagram/@krilovee._)

The video shows the woman introducing herself in Hindi, Bengali, Assamese, Korean, Japanese and English.

This video was shared by Instagram host @krilovee._. In the title of the post she wrote: “Multilingual Indian”.

Watch the video of this woman who speaks six languages ​​here:

This post was shared on August 10th. Since it was shared, it has garnered more than 14.2 million views. Share also has many likes and comments. Many were impressed by her skills.

See what people are saying about this woman who speaks six languages ​​here:

The individual wrote: “Wow I’m Bengali too. Love you from India West Bengal.

Another said, “So perfectly spoken Bengali and other languages.”

“Really surprised to see you. I thought you were Japanese. Love from Kolkata,” posted a third.

A fourth shared, “Your voice is so beautiful. This is the first time I see your video, and then I followed you.”

“I understood everything except Korean and Japanese,” commented a fifth.

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This is not the first time that someone has impressed people with their skills in speaking different languages. Earlier, a man took social media by storm for singing Kesariya song in five different languages.

The video was shared by Instagram user Kush, who can be seen singing the song in Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu and Tamil.

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Ever since he released a video of himself singing, he has gained a lot of popularity and has been loved by thousands across the country. Read more about it here.

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