Better Call Saul Season 6, Ep 2 Ending: Who Is In The Car Following Jimmy?

Which mysterious stranger stalked Jimmy’s car at the end? Better call Saul Season 6, episode 2? After a painfully long absence, Better call Saul Styles returns to AMC, dropping the first two installments of its final season on a hit film. In the action-packed two-parter of Season 6, Bob Odenkirk’s Jimmy McGill and Rhea Seehorn’s Kim Weeks Kim Wexler begins their grand plan to destroy Howard Hamlin, which involves cocaine, the Kettlemans, and strategic nudity. Elsewhere, Nacho is on the run after betraying Lalo Salamanca, while Lalo himself plots revenge after tricking everyone (except Gus Fring, of course) into believing his assassination went as planned.

Better call Saul The second episode of Season 6 (“The Carrot and the Stick”) ends with Jimmy and Kim successfully ending their Kettleman business – not only tricking the couple into reporting Howard Hamlin’s drug use, but also blackmailing them into returning the money from Money scammed from unsuspecting customers. Jimmy and Kim drove away feeling very satisfied – and rightfully so. As their car drives away, however, a black sedan creeps into the frame, trailing from a distance like a dusty four-wheeled Star Destroyer.Who is following Jimmy’s car at the end? Better call Saul Season 6, episode 2?

Perhaps the biggest contender is Lalo Salamanca. Although Tony Dalton’s charismatic con man doesn’t appear in “Carrot and Stick,” Better call Saul The Season 6 premiere ends with Lalo formulating a plan. Although he initially planned to sneak across the border to exact revenge on Gus Fring for the failed assassination attempt, a phone call to Uncle Hector calmed Lalo’s anger, and the Salamanca patriarch emphasized that they needed proof of Gus’ involvement. Lalo suddenly had a flash of inspiration and set off. Can Jimmy McGill prove it?already Better call Saul In Season 5, Lalo Salamanca suspects Jimmy of lying to him after discovering the lawyer’s bullet-riddled car in the desert. Although King convinced Lalo that he was a bigot, the recent assassination may have sharpened his views.Maybe the paramilitary soldiers storming his house proved it, yes Jimmy used to be Lies, and can provide the specific connection to Gus that Lalo needs.

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Likewise, Lalo may go to Jimmy because he mistakenly believes that “Saul Goodman” is someone he can trust. Kim’s argument Better call Saul A fifth season sounds unbelievable, and with no other allies, Lalo may be hoping Jimmy — in his capacity as a legal expert — finds evidence that Gus ordered the hit squad.Follow Jimmy’s car in Better call Saul Season 6 Episode 2 could be a simple precaution before exposure.If Lalo believes in Jimmy’s legal skills, Gus can at last Defeat the Salamanca boss.Nacho’s true allegiances may have been castigated, but Jimmy could become Gus’s new mole — which might explain why Jimmy is so afraid of Lalo breaking Bad.

Who else might be following Jimmy and Kim’s car? Better call Saul Season 6? Howard remains blissfully unaware of any conspiracy against him, and the authorities certainly won’t allow Jimmy to continue practicing law if Jimmy is a suspect in the investigation, eliminating those options. Gus Fring is a plausible non-Laro candidate (obviously not him personally, but one of his men). Gus is now convinced that Lalo will live to see another day, and he will watch like a hawk as the Salamanca resurfaces. For all of the above reasons, Jimmy might be the one person Lalo can still turn to, and Gus will no doubt be eager to avoid that.So while Lalo might be following Jimmy and Kim’s car, Gus might be following them too watching For Lalo.

Better call Saul continues Monday on AMC.

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