Who Are Maritza And Santos Rosario Sr? Now, Age

Meet Maritza and Santos Rosario Sr., parents of Felicia, Santos Jr. and Yalitza Rosario. Where are you now? How old are they? What do they do?

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Meet Maritza and her parents Santos Rosario Sr, Felicia, Santos Jr and Yalitza Rosario

Maritza and Santos Rosario Sr. are the parents of three victims of Lawrence “Larry” Ray, who is the subject of a new Hulu documentary Stolen Youth: Inside the Sarah Lawrence Cult. The show, in every way imaginable, lives up to its title. It is both mysterious and creepy.

After all, it delves into how Lawrence “Larry” Ray ruined many lives by using, abusing and manipulating defenseless people for nothing more than a sense of control. Felicia, Yalitza and Santos Rasario, the three children of Maritza and Santos Sr., were actually among those many victims.

Despite being proud residents of the Dominican Republic, Maritza and Santos Sr. reportedly moved to the US to join their family and live the suburban American dream. Although they happily welcomed three children in just eight years in the 1980s and early 1990s, all was not well for the couple.

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According to Santos Jr.’s documentary series, a big factor in this is that while the former worked seven days a week to put food on the table, the latter simply played.

Santos Jr. explained on the show: “I have two older sisters. I was closer to them than to my parents because my mother worked seven days a week. My father, he would be away. The implications were that my father was married to my mother but I cheated on her regularly.

Thus, the resulting moral dilemma in the family seemed to have a significant impact on all three children, and their discussion of it essentially opened the door for Larry to begin manipulating Santos Jr. This is because the latter encouraged him. to be open and vulnerable in front of his ex-girlfriend’s father.

In other words, the siblings were each other’s closest confidantes in every way because the family dynamic was probably not the best between the parents or the two generations. So it’s no surprise that Yalitza, a pre-med student at Harvard University, Felicia, a Columbia University graduate, and Santos joined Larry’s inner circle when Santos did.

Unfortunately, as a result of Larry’s influence, any personal contact they had was eventually forgotten, leading Maritza and Santos Sr. to decide to do everything they could to one day reunite their family.

Where are Maritza and Santos Rosario Sr now?

Until 2016, Santos Jr. and Yalitza effectively abandoned Larry, leaving only the obviously mentally unstable Felicia and “lieutenant” Isabella Pollock by his side. Fortunately, even Rasario’s older brother was able to jump-start her fraud ring a few months after his February 2020 incarceration, and then made the decision to reconnect with people who knew her.

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Since she hadn’t heard from her parents or siblings in years, Felicia began addressing them one by one. This ultimately led to a tearful but joyous reunion. We’re happy to report that it appears the five members of the Rosario family currently live close to each other in New York, while Maritza and Santos are older in the Bronx.

It is important to note that, along with all three, Maritza made a candid and unemotional statement at Larry’s human trafficking and extortion trial in April 2022. Due to the pressure Larry was putting on his son, he admitted to giving his son his son more than $150,000. in installments, a large part of which she borrowed from others or sold her jewelry, car and house to them.

Santos threatened to kill himself if she didn’t help him, so she couldn’t refuse because he had already attempted suicide when he was still in high school.

Martiza currently works as an office worker, according to her LinkedIn profile. In 2018 she also started a petition to save the Galicia restaurant from closing, which lasted 30 years.

Maritza and Santos Rosario Sr. Age

Born in January 1959, Martiza Rosario is 64 years old as of February 2023. For his part, Santos Rosario Sr. turned 76 in September 2022.

Are Maritza and Santos Rosario Sr on Instagram and Facebook?

Only Martiza Rosario is on Facebook. You can find her on FB here. But she’s not on Instagram. As for Santos Sr., she has neither IG nor FB.

Related FAQ

  • How long have Maritza and Santos Rosario Sr. been married?

Santos Rosario Sr. and Maritza Rosario have been married for over 40 years.

  • Where were Maritza and Santos Rosario Sr. from?

Santos Rosario Sr. and Maritza Rosario are originally from Río Verde Abajo, La Vega, Dominican Republic.

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