My Hero Academia: 10 Pieces Of Hawks Fan Art We Love

in a short time eagle my hero academy The anime, as well as his increasingly complex character in the manga, has become a fan favorite thanks to his laid-back personality who seems to just enjoy life. Hawks is the new “number two” hero since All Might left the scene, meaning he’s consistently ranked as the third best hero behind Endeavor.

Eagles have huge, beautiful red wings that can be spread out at will to use each feather, often using them as projectile weapons. His palette is filled with yellows and reds, imbued with warmth. Fans can’t wait to see more of him next season.


This fan art piece by @jorbinx on Tumblr is a real hit. The artist managed to capture perfectly Hawkes’ typical expression, as he always seemed at ease. He was holding a feather in his hand, maybe he was using it against one of his enemies, or maybe he was looking at them sarcastically, ready to strike. The lines of the piece also completely bring it to life, making the eagle look like its superhero counterpart.


Hawks Fanart my hero academy snowmiyaHawks my fanart snowmiya hero academy

In this composition, the eagle stands on the edge of a building, looking as if it is ready to take off. However, he looks back at the viewer of the work in a way that the viewer seems to have prevented him from following. The artist of this piece, snowmiya on Tumblr, brought the eagle to life in this image. The color of the piece looks very smooth, making its feathers and feathers look very soft and stand out against the white background of the painting.

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roast chicken

Hawks Fanart My Hero Academia Artbytessa

This post was made by artbytess (tsademcxo) on Tumblr and shows the Eagles being defeated in battle. Judging by the blue flames surrounding the Hawks, he’s probably fighting Dabi. Hawks was half burned by Dabi’s flames, which is why artbytes called him “The Burning Chicken” because his wings were burned and his hair and face charred.

The way the artist captures the flaming feathers falling around him, but the determination in his eyes is still impressive.

red bird

Hawks Fanart My Hero Academia Nikittysan

The palette of this piece is so warm it almost makes it look like it’s on fire. Nikittysan on ArtStation created a beautiful work that animates the eagle and its feathers. The warmth from the clothes, glasses, hair, and feathers—and sparks that seem to wrap around the edges of the frame—makes Hawks look like a really cool firebird.



On the other hand, this amazing work of fan art Twitter user @mirshroom, depicts the Eagle in completely cool light. The overlapping blue tones reflect off the eagle’s eyes, glasses, and feathers, allowing them to be depicted in a dimmer light. His calm tone makes him seem relaxed after a long day at work. His small smile to the audience perfectly shows his personality, while his slightly tilted head shows how he likes to pretend to be lazy.



This piece is so eagle it is perfect. The fan artwork was made by Reddit user pononomi, who captured the bird boy and his personality. Here, the Hawks are in a comfortable flying position when falling from the sky. Obviously, Eagle was a good pilot now, it had learned to deal with the different winds in the sky and learned to control each wind. The blue of the sky also complements Hawkes’ palette beautifully.

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and fly

Hawks Fanart My Hero Academia Shion396

Hawkes’ smile in this photo says it all. He looks perfectly healthy with his cheeks pressed against his eyes as he smiles and leans against them. The phrase “spread your wings and fly” in the picture is also very cute, perfectly suited for the Hawks.

This drawing by Shion396 on DeviantArt is so smooth, it really looks like my hero academy And make the Hawks look completely in their element.

in the sun

This fan art by @elentori on Instagram is amazing, lots of praise for the Eagles. A sunset or sunrise in the background sets the time and creates a beautiful cloud backdrop that matches the Hawks color palette. Red, yellow and orange colors complement the eagle’s feathers, feathers, and clothing. The coloring work on this piece is really good, almost giving it a watercolor feel.

Hero 2


This fan art by Joanne Kim on ArtStation is heartwarming and really captures the great side of the Eagles. Fans rarely get to see the Eagles without their iconic masks and headphones, so in this piece we can see his natural expression. His hair and the fur cuffs on his gloves look so soft and bouncy that viewers can almost feel its texture through the screen. The eagle also seems to have natural light surrounding it, representing the sun.

favorite wings

Hawks Fanart My Hero Academia Kadeart

It was a cold day because Hawkes was patrolling the city. He tried to warm himself up and drank a cup of coffee. The artist behind this piece, @kadeart on Twitter, does a lot of great work by the Hawks and has a Patreon full of high res art to their work. They posted on Twitter that the piece included one of their favorite Eagle wings designed by them. He sat on the pole like a bird waiting for something to happen.

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