Where to Find Little Chrysalids in Elden Ring

exist Elden’s ring, the player can find a capsule to help NPC Rodrika become one with the spider. Players will find this quest on the way to Stormveil Castle, where the Witch Rodrika explains that she intended to transform into a spider with her pupa, but she became scared at the last minute. She will ask the player to leave a message for her Little Chrysalids. In addition, Roderica will give the player Soul Jellyfish Ash Elden’s ring At Elleh Church.

To begin the hunt for Little Chrysalids, the player should head to Stormveil Castle. It’s worth noting that in order to unlock this location, the player first needs to defeat the Margit boss, Omen of the Fallen. Once inside the castle, the player should reach the place of grace called Rampart Tower. From there, the player should run through enemy Stormhawks, throw crates, and jump down. Players will know they are on the right path if they pass a knight and a guard holding a staff. The player should keep going until they reach a small boss. Many weapons can be found in the kitchen.

The player needs to kill this enemy to continue the mission, but this mini-boss fight is very difficult so the player needs to raise enough levels. This fight is similar to the boss fight in Secret Kingsrealm Ruins Door Elden’s ring, The Return Of The Royal Family. This little boss looks like a spider and acts like a spider, so players be careful. After the owner of many weapons dies, the player should proceed to the room near the restaurant, where there are two rabid dogs and a pile of corpses. Players need to defeat zombie dogs to explore the room. On the pile of corpses, the player will find the Chrysalids’ Memento item. The player needs to return it to Rodrika at the Grace Shack in Storm Mountain.

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Returning the Chrysalids Memorabilia in the Elden Ring

When the first stage of the quest is complete, Rodrika will thank the player for Chrysalis’s souvenir and inform them that she is going to the Round Table. When the player encounters her in the Round Table Keep Near the Fireplace, she will appear in Elden’s ring. The player should then go to the Blacksmith Hewg to assist Roderika in becoming a Spirit Modifier. The player needs to visit each NPC twice and continue to pass on their message. Once completed, every time the player visits the Fort of the Round Table, they will find Rodrika and Blacksmith Sugar at the same time, and Rodrika can upgrade the player’s soul ashes.

Additionally, players will be able to find the Crimson Hood worn by Roderika. This ornament is in the same location where the player found the original Chrysalids Memento on a pile of corpses in the room outside the dining room of Stormveil Castle. However, the player can only find the unique hood after completing all of Roderika’s quests. Elden’s ring it’s finished.

Elden’s ring Available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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