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Raising children is never easy for parents. However, anyone can experience this with My Child Lebensborn LITE. Allows you to raise your children the best way they need to be. Discover the secrets behind the dark corners of life. You will discover a lot of things that you have never learned before. A life in which one thing can never be completely controlled.

My Child Lebensborn LITE is a game designed to simulate raising a child. This is a simplified version of My Kid’s Source of Life and a free trial. The way to build the game image is a bit dark and cartoon-like. The aftermath of the Second World War was rife with irreparable remnants. It will allow players to understand how children grow up from different angles. Can you do your job well?

Download My Child Lebensborn LITE mod – Raise your child in the best way possible

The game will begin with the adoption of a child after World War II. This child is completely normal and will be with you throughout the journey. You will be responsible for taking care of it, just like parents usually take care of their children. From feeding, buying new clothes, bathing, hypnosis all need to be done. Most importantly, any action or word you say affects it. Your choices are how your child shapes himself. Please complete the necessary tasks so that the child can maintain daily life. You will be surprised at how it responds.

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My Child Lebensborn LITE mod for free


Throughout the activity, the child may constantly ask questions or concerns. These can be common symptoms of puberty. You will have ready answers to choose from to suit your opinion. It may or may not solve the child’s problem. You want to make it known or hide it to generate better ideas based on facts. All these answers will guide your child’s mind in many directions. It can be considered good or bad due to the influence of the external environment when living. Be tactful in all situations and you will be an exemplary parent.

My Baby Lebensborn LITE mod apk

daily activities

Like other children, your child needs to be raised in a typical environment. They will have to go to school, play with friends and live with family. When you’re at home, you have to do your part to keep your baby healthy. Start with washing your face, buying new clothes, cooking, chatting and going to bed. If you don’t, you will find that bad things happen. It can become exhausting, dirty, boring, or worse, debilitating. You need to avoid these things and carefully observe the child’s outward expression. Love it like your own child.

My Child Lebensborn LITE mod apk free

participate in many activities

To increase bonding, you can take your baby on a trip. This will help develop more life skills and create fun for your baby. For example, you will teach him how to use the fishing rod properly when fishing. Catch the big fish together and bring home a delicious dinner. It can help your child deal with issues like bullying or communication at school. Every activity has the quality of having a good influence on the personality. Knowing all the things you have done, you will have more experience. From there, develop and protect your child further.

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My child Lebensborn LITE mod android

discover the past

Your adopted child will have a bad past before starting a new life. This makes their souls different from other children of the same age. The cause can be damage, loss, violence, etc. of war. All knowledge of the past will be sent by mail. You can read them and learn how to heal emotional wounds. Acts of care and concern will be the best remedy. You need to know and do what needs to be done to make up for your child’s needs.

With an impressive deep sim like the My Child Lebensborn LITE mod, you will have a lot of fun. Create your life purpose and show your love.

Download My Child Lebensborn LITE MOD APK for Android (Unlocked, Free Store)

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