What Type of Walkie Talkie The Kids Use In Stranger Things

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  • What kind of walkie-talkies do kids use in Stranger Things?
  • Back in the 1980s, Stranger Things kids might not have had smartphones yet, but they were equipped with handy walkie-talkies available throughout Hawkins.

    children in strange things Smartphones may not have existed in the 1980s, but they were equipped with the handy walkie-talkies available throughout Hawkins. It’s crazy how much the world has changed from a technology standpoint since Netflix’s hit in the mid-’80s Strange Things. The current generation of college students can’t even remember a time when the internet and cell phones weren’t a ubiquitous part of life, but in the 1980s, both were in their infancy.

    While online culture certainly has its downsides, one of its greatest strengths is the ability for people to instantly communicate from anywhere to any other with virtually no effort. With social networking and text messaging, friends and family never need to lose touch, connecting with others with just one click.exist strange things, Mike, Will, Lucas, Dustin, 11, and company weren’t lucky enough to have the same kind of technology, but managed to get around it using what was available at the time, notably especially walkie talkies.

    that’s the only way to make sense strange things Fans and admirers of 1980s electronics may be wondering what kind of resident monster warrior Hawkins radios actually used. This is the lowest level.

    Stranger Things kids use actual TRC-206, 214 and 219 radios in the series

    Weird things Mike and the walkie-talkie

    in three seasons strange things Since its release, Mike and friends have used Realistic-branded radios throughout Hawkins when communicating. In terms of specific models, Season 1 mainly introduces the TRC-214, but the series characters also use the TRC-206 and TRC-219 models. These devices retailed for around $30 in the mid-1980s, so while they certainly weren’t luxury items, they weren’t exactly cheap either, especially considering the relative price tag. That’s more than $70 today.

    Perhaps because walkie-talkies are not as widely available today as they were in the 1980s, one can actually buy a comparable model TRC-214 for about $30 today. People can also buy phone cases to make their smartphones look like strange things Walkie-talkies are not necessarily suitable for all phones, though. T-Mobile offered a special limited edition clone radio phone case last year around the time of Season 3’s launch, but it’s no longer available for purchase. Although Realistic radios have been discontinued, fans who can’t live without them can find used radios on Ebay, often for much more than their original retail price.

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