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Choices: Stories You Play is a simulation game with many stories around love, social evils… Discover stories from romance to horror, drama. All stories in the game will be controlled by the player. Your choices can change love or solve crimes… Get into the role and tell your own story. Both sides read good stories while directly participating in deciding their events and outcomes. Synthesize many different topics and genres. Each theme will bring its own color, different story development. It’s fun isn’t it? Start listening and participating in these engaging stories.

Entering the game, you will become the character of each story and witness the action. Decide what happened and what happened to that story. The contestants as directors and screenwriters gave everyone a lot. Each storyline will be a different choice or decision of each player. This gives variety to the game and keeps the game from getting boring. Meet everyone’s needs when participating. Join Option to write your own funny stories.

Download Choice: The Story You Play mod – Your Own Story

Join the story with the characters in the game. The story is diverse in content, genres about love, wanted criminals, criminals… Excited for players who want to discover new things. Simple gameplay, no competition or confrontation with enemies. The stories you write have a lot of different content. Each story is like your own movie. It’s like being a real story writer and writing different stories. Choices has a lot of stories waiting for you to discover.

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In the selection section, the player can choose the appearance and personality of the character. Customize your character to your liking to fit each episode of the story. However, players are not free to choose, but must rely on available character samples. This can make you feel uncomfortable when choosing a character. But not because of that, many interesting stories were missed. Each development plays a decisive role in that story and you can arrange the plot any way you want. Participate in writing many stories and play entertaining games to have moments of relaxation.

many interesting stories

Choose to open different stories like Crown and Flame, Wanted, Newborn… In Crown and Flame, the enemy has taken over your kingdom and you are building a mighty army to win. To the throne again. Freshman puts you in the role of a student at Hatfield University. Here you can meet many friends and find your true love. Dating one or more people at the same time. No longer a romantic love story, Wanted delivers a story about crime. Between Hollywood detectives and Texas police to find a psycho killer. Each story will open a different situation, allowing you to directly participate in writing the story.

choose the story you play mod apk


The game is constantly updated with many genres to help players not get bored. Horror, love, magic and other themes… Do whatever you want, eclectic. Each story of a different character leads to many new storylines. Become a crime investigator in a murder case or date your friends. Write a beautiful love story and choose a romantic day off. Or form military alliances, use powerful weapons and defeat your enemies. Many stories for you to role-play and discover many interesting things.

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choose the story you play mod android

Choosing for players to role-play will create a lot of interesting stories. Complete stories with different details and content. Immerse yourself in many stories where you are the main character. Freedom to choose the genre and master the game. Download Choice: The Story You Play mod to write your own story.

Download Choices MOD APK for Android (Gift Clothes, Unlock VIP)

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