What Time The Boys Season 3 Releases On Prime Video

when boys Season 3 is released on Amazon Prime Video. After a year and a half away, the boys are back in town. The horror series follows the titular characters on a mission to eliminate The Seven, an elite team of superhuman beings controlled by Vought Corporation. After the explosive season 2 finale (people’s heads literally exploded), boys Season 3 returns with new characters and more violence.

boys It made quite the impact, with Amazon greenlighting two spin-offs and an animated anthology series The Boys Presents: Demons and a live-action show based on a superhero academy. As fans wait for the second spin-off series, boys Season 3 will tell a crazy story full of action and The Butcher’s Curse. Season 3 is set a year after the events of Season 2, with Butcher and Hughie working for the government. However, the calm before the storm can only last so long. When news breaks that there’s a weapon that can take down superheroes, Butcher, Hughie and the rest of the boys jump at the chance to find it, bringing them directly into contact with the Seven and the re-emerging superhero Soldier Boy A conflict occurs. The unhinged behavior could rival that of Homelander.

boys Season 3 will release the first three episodes at once, then move to weekly broadcasts of the remaining five episodes. As for when fans can watch the first few episodes, boys Season 3 releases to Prime Video on Friday, June 3rd GMT, the day before June 2nd at 7:00pm ET / 4:00pm PT.Most other streamers, such as Netflix, typically release new episodes at midnight Pacific time, but Prime Video’s release format gives fans across North America the opportunity to watch. boys in advance. Of course, different time zones will determine when viewers around the world can watch. But regardless of whether people can watch it the night before it’s released, boys The first three episodes of season three will be available to watch on Prime Video throughout the day on Friday, June 3.

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boys Season two changed things up a bit, and season three will probably do more on that front. That’s especially true with the arrival of Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy, a World War II-era superhero who hasn’t been seen in a while. Soldier Boy will add a number of new characters, including powerful Russian crime boss Nina Little (Katya Winter), Gunpowder (Sean Patrick Flannery) and Blue Eagle (Nick Wake) Sler), who are members of the Soldier Boys’ old team, Revenge. As the new season unfolds, the introduction of new superheroes is sure to shake things up even further.

Homelander will also be at his most unstable in Season 3 of the villainous series. The character worked alongside Aya Cash on Stormfront. boys Season 2 backfired, so he’ll likely face consequences from their alliance, which could lead to him becoming even more uncontrollable.any boys Season three will definitely develop the characters and hopefully reunite the titular characters to take on the Seven.

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