Investor texts Bengaluru woman on dating app, advices her to monetize her profile

A post about how a woman’s dating profile on Bumble caught the attention of investors was shared on X. A user of the microblogging platform, Eepsita Gupta, announced that she connected with the person who suggested a way to monetize her profile. She also posted a video of her conversation with that person on Twitter.

X’s post prompted people to share different reactions (representative image). (Unsplash/@priscilladupreez)

Gupta, a resident of Bengaluru, wrote: “Your girlfriend is being offered a carry because of her Bumble reach. If this isn’t @peakbengaluru I really don’t know what is.” The screenshot she shared shows the person texting, “You know you should monetize your Bumble profile.” The person also added, “If you have so many impressions about it.”

Apparently surprised by these unusual texts, Gupta simply replied “Haha, what.” Another person texted: “Okay, hear my suggestion!” The individual then went on to explain more. “Add a line that includes my fund and tells founders to contact me if they’re raising. If I end up investing in any of them, I will give you a percentage of the carrying value of those companies,” the person wrote.

See how Gupta reacted in this post:

The post was shared on September 22. Since it was shared, the tweet has garnered close to 1.5 lakh views. The post has collected almost 700 likes. People posted different comments as they reacted to the share.

How did X users react to this dating app related tweet?

“I have mixed feelings about this,” user X posted. “Who is such a desperate investor? Please redirect it to me. I’m looking for investors,” added another. “This is almost like trying to sell cricket bats to people who walked into a baseball store,” joked a third. “Ask him how he’s going to credit you and watch him melt lol,” suggested a fourth. “So all the founders are a mess?!” asked the fifth. “Yes, how the job is done – a real hustler,” wrote a sixth.

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