What Did Blippi Do Before Kid Shows? Who Is New Blippi?

What Did Blippi Do Before Kid Shows – Blippi is a YouTube channel that Stevin John started feeding educational entertainment for kids, and now many are searching for What Did Blippi Do Before Kid Shows. Fans noticed that Stevin didn’t play Blippi in 2021. See what Blippi was up to before the kids’ shows here

What did Blippi do before Youtube?

Blippi is a popular YouTube channel started by Stevin John in 2014 to provide educational and entertaining content for children aged 2 to 7 years. The series became very popular among children, and even parents liked it. Blippi will wear an orange and blue beanie, a blue shirt, orange braces and an orange bow tie. Since its launch, the channel has amassed more than 14 million subscribers and earned 10 billion views. Scroll down to find out what Blippi was up to before the kids’ shows.

What did Blippi do before children’s shows?

Blippi started out in the entertainment industry as a comedian, but his career wasn’t always in the limelight. Stevin, known by his stage name Blippi, went on to serve in the Air Force for two years before moving to Los Angeles, California to begin his career in marketing and video production. In 2014, the first episode of Blippi aired and became a hit with kids everywhere. Scroll down to learn more about Blippa.

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Who is the new Blippi?

Blippi fans probably noticed when the channel introduced a new actor to play Blippi in 2021. When the change was made, some children were not happy. A new Blippi actor was introduced in May 2021 and is played by Clayton Grimm. Actors Stevin and Grimm appeared as Blippi on the YouTube channel. Other changes have been made to the YouTube channel, such as the addition of a new character named Meekah.

Clayton Grimm


Image source: Instagram

Blippi Change actor

Fans noticed that Stevin did not play Blippi in 2021. Instead, another actor played the role. Actor Clayton Grimm is currently portraying the role, and Grimm is already familiar to people, as the actor plays Blippi while the YouTube series is on tour around the world. This earned him the nickname “Blippi from the live show”.


Image source: Twitter

What did Blippi do before he became Blippi?

Stevin stopped being Blippi because he has his own child with Alyssa Ingham, his fiancee. Before stepping into the entertainment industry, Stevin was a comedian and also served in the Air Force for two years before moving to Los Angeles. Stevin took to Instagram in October 2021 with a picture of himself kissing Alyssa, who was holding a strip of ultrasound images. Stevin wrote next to the pictures: “Parenthood is coming in 2022.”

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