‘Ignorant’ hyena walks past leopard. Are you clever enough to spot it?

A video of a hyena walking through an area full of tall grass has surprised people. Why? It shows the animal walking casually, unaware that a leopard is lurking nearby. Shared on Instagram, the video will surprise you too as it is very difficult to spot the camouflaged big cat until the very end.

Can you spot the leopard hiding near the hyena? (Instagram/@latestkruger)

The video was posted on the Latest Sightings – Kruger Instagram page. It is full of diverse videos showing interesting interactions between wild animals. This video of a hyena and a leopard was posted with the caption: “Ignorant hyena passes leopard.”

The short video opens to show a section of the jungle with a text insert flashing across the screen that reads: “Can you see the leopard?” As the video progresses, the hyena is seen slowly walking and passing through the area. The video ends with the sudden appearance of a leopard. Do you think you can find the big cat before the video ends?

Watch this wildlife video:

The video was shared a few months ago. Since it was posted, the clip has garnered close to a million views. The stock also received tons of comments from people.

What did Instagram users say about this wildlife video?

“The hyena’s lack of awareness is astonishing, given that she is not at the top of the food chain. If it had been a lion instead, she would have been done,” the Instagram user posted. “Wow, unreal camouflage! You wonder how many times you’ve passed leopards in the bush,” wondered another. “I’m getting past my problems,” joked the third. “Even the leopard is in shock,” joined the fourth. “Camouflage is crazy,” wrote a fifth.

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A few, however, stated that the hyena was aware of the leopard’s presence. One such individual posted. “I think the hyena knew it was there. One thing you must know, that hyenas are not afraid of leopards. In addition, hyenas have a strong sense of smell. There’s no way it was that close and didn’t smell that kitty.”

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