Valheim: How To Get Tar

*March 13, 2023: Updated for Xbox release to include more related information and links to related tutorials.

Fireplaces & home updates walheim Added several new building options and crafting recipes to the Viking Survival game. One of the new item types is called Blackwood, a new wood variant that comes in different styles and colors when building buildings. Tar is an essential part of crafting all components of the Darkwood building, another new item that can only be found in the Killing Plains biome.

The plains biome is very similar to the grass biome in that it is defined by open spaces dominated by rocks and grass. But what makes the Plains biome stand out is its arid color and its home to dangerous hostile creatures like the Deathsquitos and the Fulings, a tribe that transports black scrap metal. Players venturing into this biome to find Tar will need to ensure that they are prepared to face these and other dangers.

How to get more tar in Valheim

There are two main ways to get Tar walheim. The easiest way to do this is to search in and around the tar pits. However, if players have trouble finding, they can also beat the growth. Like the blobs of the swamp biome, Grown-ups are slime-like creatures that bounce around and attempt to deal damage with poison. Melee these creatures are unwise unless the player is confident and can deal a lot of damage. However, it is best for most players to try to defeat them from afar with a bow and a few enchanted arrows. Growths drop some Tar when killed, but they are not the best source of materials if the player wants to collect large quantities.

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If the player is in walheim, there may be tar pits nearby. These pits are by far the best source of tar, a single pond can easily supply 100 tar or more if all bags of tar are collected. However, most of this tar is underneath the dark liquid in the tar pit itself, which makes harvesting a bit difficult.

To access the tar buried deep in the pit, the player must actually suck the liquid tar to another location. The player can use the pickaxe to dig into the ground and create a side hole or slot nearby. They would then continue to dig and connect the two holes, allowing the black liquid to flow into the second chute.

When the original tar pit is almost exhausted, the player will be able to see solid piles of tar on the ground. When interacted with, these tar bags will explode into multiple tar balls that the player can pick up. If the player has enough inventory space, all tar can be collected and transferred back to the player’s inventory. walheim base, where it can be used to create dark wood building parts.

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