Elden Ring: How To Craft (& Use) The Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot

Silver soaked chicken feet are a very useful item Elden’s ring Increase Explore by 50 for 180 seconds. Discovery is a character’s base stat that determines how often items drop from defeated enemies. Therefore, eating Silver Soaked Chicken Legs before releasing monsters to get specific armor or weapons will make the player’s efforts more profitable.

Silver marinated chicken feet Elden’s ring Can be found in certain permanent locations throughout the Lands Between, such as the cellar in Stormveil Castle or atop a broken bridge near Raya Lucaria. Alternatively, you can purchase pins from Gatekeeper Gostoc or Twin Maiden Husks from Roundtable Hold once Gostoc’s Bell Bearings are available. However, the best way to obtain Silver Marinated Chicken Feet is through crafting, which can be done after Tarnished finds the Missionary’s Cookbook [3]. This particular cookbook is located in the area east of Kellid, specifically in the smoldering church near the border. Players can use the Nomad Warrior’s Cookbook to loot recipes from one corpse next to another. [14]. However, Elden’s ring Adventurers should beware of the invader Anastasia the Tarnished Eater that may appear near the chapel at the entrance.

After receiving the missionary cookbook [3], Elden’s ring Fans can start making the silver-soaked chicken feet with three ingredients: Love Fruit x 3, Four Claw Chicken Feet x 1, and Silver Firefly x 1. The first must-have ingredient, Rova Fruit, is available. can be easily found in most areas of the world map. Casually riding around the Limgrave will yield the player dozens of Rowa Fruits, but the Stained One can pick up so many along the way that they don’t even need to actively plant strawberries.

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The second ingredient in Silver Soaked Legs, Four-Toed Chicken Legs, can be obtained by guillotine hunting in some locations. One of the pufferfish’s best breeding spots is on the northwest coast of the Weeping Peninsula, north of Marika Wednesday Church. Stained will find several guillotine colonies on the beach.

Silver Fireflies are the third crafting ingredient, but they appear less frequently Elden’s ringMap versus the first two components. However, the player can explore a productive farming site in Earthbore Cave, located north of the Weeping Peninsula. Inside the tunnel of the cave, the player can collect three silver fireflies. When the dungeon’s Rune Bear boss is defeated, Elden’s ring Adventurers can quickly run through the cave, collect fireflies, and return to the entrance to start over. However, watch out for giant rats along the way.

Elden’s ring Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.

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