Trailer Park Boys: Ten Things You Never Knew About Ricky

park boy trailer is a fantasy drama that blends sympathetic but eccentric anti-hero characters inspired by the struggles of everyday life. Julian may be the character carrying the camera, but Ricky is the star of the show. When we first met Ricky, he had just been released from prison for something involving guns and dogs.

Viewers learn more details about the case later, and what we know about Ricky is added in a similar way. We didn’t know much about him at first, just what we heard from others. Then we see the rumors come true, with hilarious results. Even the most popular guy in the trailer park has his secrets. Here are ten things you didn’t know about Ricky Trailer The Park Boys.

he has two talents

One of them is a secret. Everyone knows Ricky develops some amazing drugs. In the first episode, Cyrus was able to easily enter the Sunnyvale trailer park because the park lost its drug supply when Ricky was in jail. In season one, most of the storylines involving Ricky were about getting his burgeoning business back up and running. Another skill is his ability to be a lover, which Sarah, Lucy’s friend, strongly suggested in a conversation with Juran’s crew. Jim Leahy thinks Ricky is a total loser, but maybe he’s just jealous.

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his car has a name


Jim Leahy park boy trailer The main villain is the guy who named the car, so you already know it has something to do with his favorite word. Its name is “Sh*tmobile”. It’s not just Ricky’s house. It was plantation, supermarket, bedroom or whatever Ricky needed at the time.

The great thing about this car is that Ricky never threw it away. He lived there for several seasons, though he managed to move into the actual trailer, eventually building a porch on it and eventually marking it as his permanent abode.

Ricky and physical comedy


Considering the trouble the boys had, it was surprising that no one was killed. In fact, you might notice that no one was injured except for one person. One character who always bears the brunt of the show’s physical comedy is Ricky. This is not an accident. This is a joke that the writers intentionally added to the script. In that sense, Ricky is like a cartoon. He was shot with arrows, guns, and darts, repeatedly fell or fell from objects, and had a crazy car accident. He always recovers on the next show.

Summer Boys 2005


Rob Wells is the actor who plays Ricky. He mingles with friends Bubbles (Mike Smith) and Julian (John Paul Tremblay), and throws his first pitch in the Blue Jays’ 2005 home opener. “Home Opener” is the first game a baseball team plays in its own stadium when the season officially begins. Of course, the real fan favorite Babs was the one who threw the first pitch, but Julian and Ricky backed him up, too.

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18 times in prison


Ricky holds the record for most crime by Sunnyvale trailer park residents, which is actually quite a feat considering his neighbors also tend to be obnoxious. He also keeps records of the number of crimes solved and jail time. We’re not just talking about the obvious, like growing marijuana or fainting on the street. Ricky smuggles alcohol, runs an illegal gas station, runs a massage parlor, and robs various retail stores. At one point, he even robbed a bank.

one shirt, one season


Another joke among the cast and crew was that Ricky had to wear the same shirt throughout the season. If you haven’t seen this before, keep this in mind and watch a few episodes to confirm it’s true. For those paying attention, it’s not a wardrobe malfunction. This is actually an intentional feature of the program. Like Ricky’s car, it never changes even as his financial situation gets better. We’re not sure the same rule applies to tights.



Ricky loves animals in general, although he hates noisy dogs. One animal he can’t stand is the squirrel. He hates them and shoots them whenever he sees them. It has to do with his marijuana case. He borrowed cats from Bubbles to keep various pests, but mainly squirrels, away from his crops. A single squirrel can do a lot of damage, so Ricky’s reaction to the little furry rodent is understandable, even if it’s overly dramatic.

Raven the impossibility


Peter Raveen was a popular entertainer in Canada in the 1980s. His specialty was hypnosis, which eventually overlapped with self-help books, which focused on guiding people to break bad habits and deal with personal problems.

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His clothes and overall style are iconic of the 1970s, and the boys have known it since childhood. Admittedly there are some similarities, but mainly the big hair, which Ricky always pulls to perfection even though he can’t change his shirt.

his last name is lafleur


While this should come as no surprise to anyone, Ricky’s last name wasn’t revealed until season 12, and even then, you’d miss it if you weren’t paying attention. This reference can have many meanings, especially if you are Canadian. The first and most obvious is the French translation. “La fleur” in English means “flower”. Cannabis smokers like Ricky know that when you grow cannabis, it’s the bud, the “flower,” of the plant you’re smoking. Canadians will recognize Ricky as having the same name as famous hockey player Guy LaFleur. He was the first National Hockey League player to score 50 goals and score 100 points in six consecutive seasons.

whispering police


This is what Lucy told Ricky early on in the first episode of the first season. Despite the common perception that Ricky is stupid, he can always find a clever way to stop law enforcement. At one point, he used Julian’s camera crew to pretend he was a supervisor assessing the police’s performance in stopping traffic jams. We tend to forget this during his adventures, but it’s one of the hallmarks of Ricky’s character, delivering some of the film’s most satisfying moments.

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