“Seeking Sister Wife” Fans Were Not Taken Aback By Roberta’s Scam

Garrick and Danielle admitted on Seeking Sister Wife tonight that Roberta broke up with them over text. Danielle cried while reading the letter, saying that she only cared about Garrick’s money and that she had never loved or treated her like a sister. According to the correspondence, Roberta felt excluded from her current trip and was irritated that their interactions with other possible sisters extended beyond dinner and drinks. She said it didn’t fit her culture and gave her a headache. The couple had to take off Danielle’s clothes in her sister’s common room. They believe she has harmed them, their families and their children.

They were surprised she didn’t inform them of her choice, but Garrick later revealed the real reason to their family. He said she asked for $9,800 and hung up as soon as the transaction was done.

Previously, every month Roberta received thousands of dollars from this couple. Some family members are bitter with the couple, while others are angry with Robert. Danielle’s brother predicts that Roberta will not return. After their romance ended, the couple started seeing red flags.

Danielle and Garrick divorced so that Garrick could legally marry Roberta when she came to the United States. Seeking Sister Wives fans weren’t shocked when Roberta didn’t return, claiming that she was just using the pair to get their money.

Fans Looking for Sister-in-law predict Roberta’s affair.

Fans of Seeking Sister Wife suspect Danielle and Garrick’s other wife, Roberta, of manipulating them for money and suspect her of orchestrating a massive scam.

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That thing! I know Garrick is sending money to Roberta. I’m willing to bet that Garrick sent Roberta money that even Dannille didn’t know about. I think Roberta succeeded! #Find SisterWife

– Princess Knight Denise (@PrincessKnightD) September 6, 2022

I loathe Danniella and Garrick’s stupidity! We’ve ALL seen Roberta’s scam. #I’m looking for a wife

– Izzy Blowticious (@NobodyBeatsIzzy) September 6, 2022

What happened tonight in Looking for a Sister-in-law?

April, Jennifer and Nick enjoyed a polygamous wedding with their new sister’s husband, Danielle, on Tonight’s Seeking Sister Wife. There are three brides in front of the altar instead of one. Nick’s son is overjoyed to meet his new stepmother. The women wore identical clothes but in different ways to emphasize their individuality during the event.

According to the episode synopsis,

“After meeting her future sister Roberta in Brazil, Merrifields are eagerly awaiting her arrival; The Davis family is hoping everything will go according to plan as they held a birthing ceremony to celebrate their marriage to Danielle.”


Many members of April’s family did not attend her wedding and have not spoken to her since she entered polygamous society. Danielle said she had never experienced love before, while Nick said it felt like a dream come true. The couple are currently looking for a partner for Danielle to marry and start a family with Nick. Danielle and Garrick are currently in Mexico looking for another sister’s wife. TLC has yet to announce Season 5 of Looking for a Sister-in-law, but fans haven’t been able to see enough of the series.

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