This cute dog was left alone by his owner because his leg was amputated after a horrible car accident

The dog, named Willow, was taken to De Doorns’ Sidewalk Specials for rehabilitation and treatment. The vets did everything they could and tried to save and heal her leg. Unfortunately, all of their efforts failed completely and were unsuccessful.

The weak and pitiful dog Willow had to go through the pain of having a leg amputated and amputated.

Unfortunately, her family abandoned it after learning that the dog had amputated a leg and that veterinarians were unable to save her leg.


The dog really suffers at the thought of being left alone on three legs and the worst thought is being abandoned.

The dog felt devastated and hurt, but fortunately, it was adopted by a caring and loving family.


The wonderful six-month-old pup is comfortable and gets along well with new family members, as well as dogs and even cats. She is the right combination for this family.

Here is the video:

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