Shopper shares something VERY unusual on a supermarket shelf… so can YOU spot the cake hidden in plain sight?

THIS shopper baffled her friends when she asked if they could see something very unexpected on the supermarket shelf.

Although he discovered that the foreign object was a cake, most people found it almost impossible to find it.


Can you see the cake? Credit: TikTok/@tigga_macTigga picked up an object that was actually a cake.


Tigga picked up an item that was actually a cake Credit: TikTok/@tigga_mac

Tigga Maccormack is a cake artist from Melbourne, Australia, so it’s no surprise that she can make a cake that looks like something else entirely.

She posted the clip to TikTok, showing herself walking down the aisle of a supermarket looking very normal, with the caption: “Can you see the cake?”

After keeping viewers on the edge of their seats, she finally posted another revealing video, including one showing her making a cheat cake, which garnered 4.2 million views.

So, did you see the cake?

Tigga’s cake making skills were really put to the test and it seemed to pay off as the cake came together without a hitch.

It turned out that the cake was hidden in plain sight next to several identical mugs.

He even took the mug to the register to try to fool the worker by having it ready to scan with his other items.

“Oh sorry, it’s cake,” she said, reaching up and taking a big bite as he went to scan it.

Tigga explained how she made the cake, saying, “I color matched the fondant to one of the matching mugs.”

People in the comments gave their best guesses ahead of the big reveal, some of them far from it.

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One said: “I think it’s blue with a pink band around it.”

Another guessed: “One of the black glasses, from the top or from the second shelf?”

Another said: “Another pink leopard pattern!”

Of course most people got it wrong and the mug was hidden with the identical looking ones.

The worker did not suspect anything.


The worker did not suspect anything Credit: TikTok/@tigga_macHe took a big bite out of the cup to show that it was cake.


He took a big bite out of the glass to show that the cake was Credit: TikTok/@tigga_mac

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