The Vampire Diaries: Katherine’s 5 Best Outfits (& 5 Worst)

Katherine Pierce is one of the most evil characters on the hit TV show Diary of a vampire She is a fan of many people. Catherine is the main antagonist in the second season, and although she does a lot of weird things, she does them with style, so it’s hard not to like her.

Unlike her human counterpart, Elena, Catherine has a free-spirited nature, which shows in the way she chooses her clothes. Catherine wears a lot of beautiful clothes on the show but she also makes some fashion mistakes. Here are her five best and five worst.

Best: Blue dress

Many of the vampires in the film seem to be very fond of black clothes, possibly because they feel that black clothes are a reflection of their dark souls. Catherine is no exception. But even if she was once human, then she dressed differently.

Catherine became a vampire in the 15th century so she wore a lot of beautiful clothes at that time. Like this gorgeous blue dress that showed off her flawless skin and long dark curly hair. She doesn’t often wear her hair like this on the show, but when she does, she looks gorgeous.

Worst: Messy clothes

Really need to explain what’s wrong with this photo? Catherine is usually well-dressed, her hair combed and uncluttered, but in this photo she looks like a mess. The only bonus she gets is matching the coat color with the hat color, but that’s where all the good points end.

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This outfit really did not please her, it was too dark and nothing could break the monotony of color. Her hair was worse, completely disheveled, and Catherine looked best when she had her hair down, not a messy bun.

Best: Little Black Dress


Every woman should have at least one little black dress in her wardrobe, at least that’s what everyone says. Catherine apparently kept this rule in mind when she went to a party at the beginning of season 2 in a black mini dress. She wore a mask and tied her hair up and straightened it.

The outfit is quite simple, but the texture of the dress makes Catherine stand out even though she loves to attract attention. The dress accentuated her slim figure well, and she paired it with simple yet pretty jewelry pieces to complete the look.

Worst: Dull color

Catherine and Stefan Watch Damon in 'The Vampire Diaries'

It’s not the ugliest outfit Catherine or anyone else has worn on the show so far, she looks fine wearing it, but more in spite of that than because of it. The dress didn’t fit Catherine, who was probably too big for her breasts from this angle.

Puffy sleeves were popular in the past, but they only attracted unwanted attention, as Catherine’s arms were probably a bit thin. In the end, the dull gray didn’t help either, as it made the usually vibrant Catherine look less lively.

Best: The Lady in Black

When given the opportunity, Catherine loves to dress up and wear beautiful clothes, which is not surprising considering the time when she was born and raised. But even as she wears more utilitarian everyday clothes, she finds a way to add a unique charm to her outfits.

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An all-black outfit could easily be dull, but Catherine made it work. First, she showed off her neck and collarbones with a black uniform and drew attention to Catherine’s hair. Second, the belt is on the right avant-garde, which is perfectly integrated with the jacket.

Worst: wrong length

Catherine from Vampire Diaries holding a book

Again, the outfit isn’t 100% bad and still looks better than a lot of what Elena Gilbert and the other characters wear. But having said that, it could have been improved. What works is the color of the shirt. The pink color contrasts with the dark color of Catherine’s coat and natural dark brown hair.

But it is the jacket that makes the overall look a bit down. Nice color but the style and length didn’t suit Catherine. It might have looked better if it were buttoned up, but it made Catherine’s upper body look too wide.

Best: Red dress


It’s another great outfit from the human period in her life, when Catherine still thought Klaus had feelings for her and she had no idea he was planning to sacrifice her in the ceremony. Katherine wears an elegant dress, which sets her apart from the other leading ladies on the show, especially when it comes to period outfits.

There is a lot of glamor in 15th century fashion and this red dress, along with the green one shown above, is one of the best Catherine has ever worn on the show. This color suits her very well, as brunettes are known to look glamorous with red.

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Worst: too serious


When it comes to all-black suits, it’s always like buying a lottery ticket. Win or lose, fashion queen Katherine Pierce doesn’t always wear black. Looks like the outfit doesn’t look good to Catherine at all.

This jacket is okay if there is nothing to write congratulatory poems. But t-shirts are even worse. Maybe it was the lighting in this scene, but the shirt looked old and worn, like it had been in Katherine’s closet for years. Plus, she looked too pale on set and dark clothes didn’t help.

Best: Innocent innocence


When Catherine returned to Mystic Falls in 1864, she pretended to be human because she knew that acknowledging her true vampire nature would only get her in trouble and people would try to kill her (like they did later when they found out the truth). ).

To help disguise and make her look like an innocent girl, Catherine wears a lot of brightly colored dresses, such as a mostly white dress with some green on top. It contrasts with Catherine’s dark hair and her skin looking radiant in the dress.

Worst: Pretending to be Elena


When Catherine returns to Mystic Falls and finds that she’s not dead, she not only kills but impersonates Elena, causing great panic. Because she and Elena were paired and looked alike, she was dropped from that job.

So Catherine had to straighten her hair, change her clothes, and pretend to be Elena. But these clothes rarely please her because she and Elena have completely different fashion styles, and Katherine looks boring every time she has to wear Elena’s clothes, like in this scene, when dark clothes don’t affect her appearance. Little effect.

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