Prince Harry Stated That Shenseea Music Help Him To Get Through Hard Times

In his memoirs, Prince Harry said he listened to Jamaican musician Shensee to help him through difficult times. Spare, his planned book, will follow the Netflix documentaries starring him and Meghan Markle. In an excerpt from his memoir, Prince Harry discussed the royal family’s various experiences, including his drug problems, physical battles with his brother, and his emotions. about Prince Charles’s wedding to Camilla Parker Bowles.

According to Page Six, Prince William warned Prince Harry not to propose to Meghan Markle in his biography. This was attributed to concerns that the couple’s relationship was progressing “too fast”. One of Prince Harry’s comments was the kind of music he listens to in bed. According to Distractify, Prince Harry said in his autobiography, Spare, which will be out on January 10, 2023:

“When I feel lonely and away from my family, I always take time for myself to sit back and listen to Shensee. Her songs spoke to me and helped me through the tough times.”

Shenseea reacts to Prince Harry’s announcement.

Although Prince Harry didn’t mention a specific Shensee song, Prince Harry correctly predicted the song he was most likely to listen to during his bad moments.

Shenseea said in a tweet:

The song fits Prince Harry’s current situation, where he is relying on the royal family to support his bride Meghan Markle. Shenseea, real name Chinsea Lee, released Rebel 2020, featuring Zum. The song is on the album Liquid Sunshine Riddim. Shenseea’s most famous work is her song Bless, which was released in 2019 and features Tyga’s vocals. In 2021, she appeared on Kanye West’s album Donda on the tracks Pure Souls (with Roddy Ricco) and Ok Ok Pt 2 (with Roog).

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British electronic music producer Skream is also on Prince Harry’s playlist, according to Distractify. Skream Artwork’s Magnetic Man bandmate told US Weekly in October 2010:

“We were invited to Buckingham Palace to see Goldie’s band perform. We met Prince Harry while we were there. When he was introduced to Skream, he reached out his hand and said: ‘Hi Skream , So great!’ Harry must have known who he was before he met him.”

Furthermore, actor Dominic West revealed to Triple M that Prince Harry also enjoys metal music.

Everything you need to know about the Netflix documentary Harry and Meghan.

Last month, Netflix aired a two-part documentary titled Harry and Meghan. The show focuses on the couple’s high-profile marriage as well as their lifestyle associated with the British royal family.

Prince Harry

The film is directed by Emmy Award-winning director Liz Garbus, who said in a statement:

“I hope that when Netflix viewers start streaming, regardless of what prejudices people may have, they will be willing to explore what we have covered in this documentary series. It is a beautiful love story with many risks, and their journey is a historical event that will be studied for a long time to come.”

The series includes interviews with relatives and friends, who have never publicly talked about the couple’s relationship. It also includes historians and journalists discussing how the media portrays Harry and Meghan’s relationship.

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