The Rarest Pokémon Cards (& Their Price)

this Pokémon Trading Card Game is a trend that seems to only grow with time and its growing popularity is drawing more and more attention to the rarest Pokémon Card. Some fans may be most interested in getting a nice card of their favorite monster, while others are more interested in collecting the rarest and most valuable cards. Pokémon Card. Of all the decks produced by The Pokémon Company and Wizards of the Coast, some have only been made a few dozen copies.

There are a number of cards that have reached enormous value due to the popularity and visibility of the Pokémon depicted. However, some of the rarest cards Pokémon Cards are not necessarily the most expensive. Avid fans as well as collectors will likely never see these rare cards in person unless they are very lucky. Pokémon Trading GameIn fact, some of the rarest prizes in circulation are cards, not as famous as the most sought-after collectibles.

Kangaskhan is one of the rarest TCG Pokemon cards, although it’s not as popular as

when fans think about the rarest thing Pokémon Card, Kangaskhan may not be the first monster that comes to mind. However, the Kangaskhan Holographic Family Event Trophy Card is Pokémon Trading Card GameOne copy sold for a staggering $150,000 in October 2020, one of only three sold to the public in the past two decades. This card was originally given to the 1998 Parent-Child Super Fight Champion team that had achieved the required number of wins. According to Dicebreaker, only 46 of these cards have ever been classified by the Professional Sports Certification Authority (PSA), making them some of the rarest.

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Very valuable Pikachu illustration card

PSA certified 1998 Pikachu card illustration in front of a blurred background of card art.

The Pikachu Art Card is one of the rarest and most valuable cards Pokémon Cards ever produced. The Pikachu illustration on the card was drawn by Atsuko Nishida, the original artist of the electric mouse. Pikachu Illustrator Cards were given to the winners of advertising contests held by the Japanese magazine CoroCoro Comic in 1997 and 1998.

Only 41 copies of this card were made, 39 of which were given to different winners in the promotional contest. Out of 41 cards, only 10 are certified by PSA. The highest value Pikachu illustrated card was traded and purchased by YouTuber Logan Paul for a staggering $5,275,000, setting a Guinness World Record as the most expensive card Pokémon Card.

The most expensive Terrapin is the rarest Pokémon card

Blastoise Prototype Pokemon Card on Blue Background

The rarest card that can surprise fans of the series because it’s not Pikachu or Charizard Pokémon Exchange Card. Blastoise commissioned presentation Galaxy Star hologram card is the rarest Pokémon Card exists. Only two of these cards have ever been created by Wizards of the Coast for a crafting contract Pokémon Cards from The Pokémon Company. Another card has apparently been lost and its location is currently unknown. If it were destroyed, the Blastoise card that will be auctioned off in 2021 for $360,000 could be the last of its kind.

While it’s unlikely that even the most dedicated collector will get their hands on these cards, learning about these lesser-known treasures can be exciting. Pokémon Trading Game. Identify the rarest Pokémon Trading Game Cards can be a bittersweet task, as it’s likely that many cards will wear out quickly or succumb to the inevitable wear and tear. However, keeping each of these cards in memory can be a very rewarding experience for the focused person Pokémon Trading Card Game fans and collectors.

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Source: Dicebreaker, Pokémon/YouTube

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