Euphoria’s Time Jump Works For Season 3 (But Hurts The Show’s Future)

theorize Happiness After gaining traction after the end of season 2, season 3 will need a huge jump in time and while the jump is a good thing for overall character development, it makes Happiness There’s a big problem. Happiness is an HBO teen series with two seasons and a third part currently in production. Led by Zendaya, Happiness Famous for its obscene content and therefore loved by young audiences.

this Happiness The end of season 2 opened many doors for its characters. Barbie actress Ferreira leaves series, confirms Kat will be absent Happiness Season 3. In the show, Rue stops taking drugs and makes peace with Jules, Nate arrests his father, Cassie and Maddy have a final showdown, and Fez is shot in the stomach at the crime scene. While many questions remain open, Rue’s closing narration hints at an important time jump between seasons, leading to much speculation about the duration and impact of the change.

Euphoria’s Stress Drama Doesn’t Work Outside of High School

Although the transition to post-secondary education can be seen as a positive thing Happiness, A change in settings will eventually ruin the series. From the beginning, Happiness Noted for its graphic content and emphasis on drama. Although many HappinessThe plot follows serious issues and other plots can be classified as overly melodramatic and unrealistic. This aspect of the series is only relevant because of the high school setting HappinessFocus on the role of puberty.

Therefore, if a Happiness Season 3 took a huge leap in time, and with the characters aging after high school, it’s unlikely the series’ storytelling will be as successful as previous installments. Specifically, if a character like Tracy were portrayed as a working adult rather than a high school student, she might not get much of an audience’s favor. Moreover, other famous aspects Happinesssuch as bold fashion, would look out of place in a more adult-oriented environment.

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Euphoria without a high school setting will lose its greatest strength

Rue speaks on stage in Euphoria

if Happiness Changing the high school scene and replacing dramatic tendencies with more adult-friendly content, the show risks losing its best content and defaulting to ratings. Happiness Plots often fall into melodrama, which is exactly what is expected from the series. An important part honor This success is due to the unique sparkling atmosphere, colorful lights and crazy drama, as well as Happiness Future plans for season 3 to do away with it with a time jump could be completely detrimental to the series. Taking a character out of high school is already risky, taking a character out of high school is worse.

because Happiness Going forward, it makes sense that the characters would age and mature, even after high school. However, the creators of the series must be careful not to lose Happinessmade it popular for two seasons. Happinessbelong to Season 3’s time jump is still in effect, but the ramifications of that decision are certainly risky.

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