The Originals: 5 Characters Who Were Gone Too Soon (& 5 Who Overstayed Their Welcome)

in the universe of both Diary of a vampire And original, death can be very complicated. Many characters have died and resurrected countless times, while for others, death is more concrete. Sometimes, the similarity they come back to depends on whether the actor is willing to play that character again. Actor Joseph Morgan, who plays Klaus Michelson, has said he will never play Klaus again because he feels his story is over.

Some characters, like Alaric Saltzman, managed to appear in all three series despite suffering seemingly inevitable deaths. Except for the characters in TVD, original Many new characters have been introduced to the world. While some fans would certainly like to see some of the characters return, there are others who should have left sooner.

Gone Too Fast: Davina Clare

when davina appeared original It may be controversial for fans, but there’s no denying that her witchcraft abilities were wasted as the seasons progressed.

She played a major role on the show in the first season, but her story was later shortened to a lover before she left the show. Although her character never died, it’s a shame that fans never saw her reach her full potential after marrying Kol. She is considered one of the strongest witches in the world Diary of a vampire franchise, but after the first season, her story becomes less and less important as she dies, comes back to life, and never resolves her issues with her original family.

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Unpopular Overdue: Camille O’Connell

confused camille in the original book

Kami appears in the first episode of the series, and from the first time fans meet her, it’s clear that her character is poised to become Klaus’ new love interest.

Apparently, Klaus even mentioned that she reminds him of Caroline, it’s just that she lacks the bubbly personality that makes them both attractive. Her relationship with Klaus feels flat, with barely any chemistry. Throughout Caroline and Klaus’ brief love-hate relationship, there are many memorable moments. Speaking of Kami, both lacked his drama and ex-lovers led to her unsatisfactory relationship during the three seasons she starred in.

Too Soon: Hayley Marshall

Hayley is ready to fight in The Originals

Hayley Marshall is one of the best Diary of a vampire Characters appear originalAs the seasons went on, she developed into a strong character who would do anything for her daughter.

Considering Hayley was the heroine of the series, her death was unexpected. Going through it all was also sudden, and dying in the sun seemed insignificant. Many fans wanted to see her finally have a happy ending with Elijah and her daughter Hope, and were disappointed that she was killed before the series’ conclusion.

Unexpected overdue: Esther Mikaelson

Esther Mikaelson looks determined as she stands in the snow

Esther Mikaelson is one of the main antagonists of the series, and while that means the original mother plays an important role in the film, her villainous backstory drags on.

Although she only appeared in the first two seasons of the series, longtime fans know that she is also the main antagonist of the series. Diary of a vampireIt really started to feel repetitive after watching her pass away and come back from the dead multiple times to wreak havoc. Her goal has never come from TVD arrive originalshe always has the same plan to force her family to stop being vampires.

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Going too fast: Aiden

Werewolf Aiden talking to others

Aiden has a small role in the film, but his romantic backstory with Josh is touching. It’s interesting to see their relationship, as these two come from opposite species.

While they’re not the main focus of the movie, Aiden and Josh deliver plenty of fun scenes whenever they’re on screen. It’s great to see Aiden and Davina together join Josh’s group of friends, making them a fun trio. Aiden’s plan to run away with Josh would have been the perfect goodbye for the couple, but instead, Aiden became one of Dahlia’s victims before leaving the city with her lover.

Overdue is not welcome: The Hollow

bewildered looking at someone

The original family encountered many villains in its five seasons, but Hollow was the worst villain, as she was barely turned into one.

Hollow appeared out of nowhere with the intent of destruction, but there was no reason for her to be so evil. Every other villain on the show has some connection to the Mikaelsons and has reason to want their downfall. Hollow, on the other hand, is randomly described as the most powerful witch ever, but has never been mentioned before. The fact that the character exists to feel like she was made just to kill some fan-favorite character helps pave the way for the legacy.

Going Too Fast: Lucien Castle

Lucien's eyes were red, the fan spewed out from his mouth

Lucien Castle was introduced as Klaus Mikaelson’s first vampire, an interesting concept that could be used to create further storylines.

Instead, his role was wasted and Lucien couldn’t even make it to season three. His original plan to become stronger than a vampire stirred up a lot of drama before his character was quickly killed off. Despite his short time, he is one of the best characters original. He has much in common with Klaus in that they are both funny and humorous. It will be interesting to see Lucien transform into a more sinister version of his creator.

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Overdue is not welcome: Finn Mikaelson

Finn Mikaelson looks serious

Each member of the Mikkelsen family is considered evil in their own right, but they still turn out to be compelling characters despite their misdeeds, with the exception of Finn Mikkelsen.

Finn is the boss, but somehow he is weaker than his brothers in both physical and personality. Although Finn switched his alliance when trying to help his brothers fight Lucian, he still lacked the traits of the other Primitives. Unfortunately, his path to evil is longer than his arc of redemption, making his heroic ending seem bleak.

Too Soon: Klaus Mikkelsen

Klaus Mikaelson smiles in a suit from The Originals

Klaus may have died in the final episode, but he has a lot of unanswered questions. In his final installment, we saw him push his daughter away and become a terrible father before dying to save her life.

It would be more satisfying to see him live longer and be the father she needs. Diary of a vampire Its spin-offs tend to follow a motif of heroic characters sacrificing themselves, but for Klaus Mikkelsen, that’s not entirely satisfying. More fans want to see him in a side story heritage Focus on his daughter Hope Mikaelson.

Unpopular Overdue: Jackson Kenner

Jackson Kenner seems annoyed talking to another man

Jackson Kenner is introduced as Hailey’s guardian, watching over her in werewolf form before she can free his tribe. The way his story is set up, his romance with her feels very forced.

In a way, Jackson appeared as a stalker and his marriage to her seemed rushed. His relationship with Hayley could have been cuter if Hayley’s relationship with Elijah hadn’t developed so well. He’s nice and polite, but he doesn’t have enough depth to be interesting, and his romance with Hayley feels unreal. He appeared in a one-sided manner, leading many fans to hope that Hayley would end Elijah soon.

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