Malu Trevejo Is Facing A $4 million Lawsuit For Alleged Violence And Sexual Misconduct

Mala Trevejo, a Latin singer and TikTok fame, has been sued by four of her former employees, who allege that she abused, defamed and sexually abused the 20-year-old. Ralph Colon, Edwardo Vidal, Victoria Barreto and Witchneverson Lacroix sued her for $4 million, alleging that they had suffered “mental, emotional, sexual and physical torture” while working for Trevejo. Furthermore, the workers complained that the singer had racistly insulted them and made obscene gestures towards Barret, her personal assistant. According to the lawsuit:

“Trevejo asked Barreto to lie in bed with her, cuddle her and watch television with her, as well as allegedly controlling and gaining custody of her.”

Trevejo currently has more than 25 million followers on TikTok and 11 million followers on Instagram.

Disgusting @malutrevejo15

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What did Malu Trevej’s bodyguard say about him? More information about the incident is under investigation.

Four workers have filed a lawsuit against the Cuban-American singer alleging in their lawsuit that Malu often uses racist language and behaves rudely and offensively when they don’t respond to texts or calls. her as soon as she wants. Barreto went on to say that she was furious when she refused Mala Trevejo’s order to “sleep with her in bed”, calling her “stupid” and “stupid”. Meanwhile, the singer’s lawyer reacting to the case said:

“Mrs Trevejo is aware of the false allegations in the lawsuit and wishes to defend herself against these frivolous allegations.”

Furthermore, Ralph Colon, Malu Trevejo’s former bodyguard, said that the singer had harassed him many times. He says she often refuses his safety advice, putting him in danger because of her. According to TMZ, a source close to the influencer said Malu was “devastated” by her former employee’s allegations. In addition, the source said:

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“Mal would never harm anyone like that.”

According to reports, the singer will now work with her legal team to respond to a complaint filed by four former employees.

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More about Mal Trevejo and her music career

Malu Trevejo has been known as one of the most prominent TikTokers and social media influencers. Mara Luisa Trevejo is her real name, she started her career in 2015. She was born in 2002, when she was 20 years old. She has worked with other musicians for many years and her YouTube videos have millions of views. Tu Lo Tienes, one of the singer’s most popular songs today, received 3.3 million views in four months. With 1.5 million followers on YouTube, the artist has recorded even more hits like Culo Chapa, MMM MMM, Complicado and A Lo Malu.

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