The Invisible Pilot Gary Betzner Family: Wives, Kids, Parents

hbo the invisible pilot launched on April 4, 2022 with the promise of getting true crime addicts hooked.

The three-part documentary series from the Emmy-winning filmmakers tells the story of a charismatic and fearless husband and father who unexpectedly jumps off a bridge in 1977; leaving behind a seemingly happy family life and a lucrative career as a pilot. It was Gary Betzner. And this story is based on him.

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Who is Gary Betzner?

On September 19, 1977, small-town pilot Gary Betzner jumped off a bridge in Hazen, Arkansas, and died in the White River, leaving behind his wife, Sally, and three children.

No one could understand why he jumped off the bridge or why the police couldn’t find his body.

Gary was born in Akron, Ohio. He served in the Navy for five years after high school. He received his pilot’s license in 1964 and eventually became an expert pilot in Arkansas.

Gary and his wife Sally at one point opened Betzner Flying Service, and Gary worked there as a crop duster pilot for 15 years. In 1976, he sold the company and moved his family to Alaska to make his fortune in oil pipelines.

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Gary was diagnosed with gout and insisted that cocaine was the cure. Then, on May 4, 1977, DEA agents raided his home, seized seven kilograms of cocaine, and charged nine people (including two Miami Dolphins players).

Facing over 20 years in prison, Gary was out on bail and hatched a plan to escape with his wife Sally. In the end, he even decided to fake a suicide with Sally’s help.

The plan worked, of course, and he later began working as a smuggler for George Morales, a Miami speedboat broker with close ties to Pablo Escobar’s conglomerate in Colombia.

Gary then went on to transport cocaine and guns directly for the cartel and met Pablo personally. He reportedly made $2 million a year from the job.

But it ended up on the CIA’s radar. The CIA used it for its secret mission to arm anti-communists and counterinsurgents in Nicaragua, writes The Associated Press. Gary, of course, gave them the inside of George Morales.

In exchange for his work, the CIA granted Gary full immunity, but that all came crashing down in 1984 after he was caught smuggling cocaine in Florida.

Stealth Pilot Gary Betzner Wives, Children

the invisible pilot Gary Betzner, who turned 47 in April 2021, first married his wife Claudia, whom he divorced shortly after the birth of their daughter Polly. He later met Sally, his second wife, on July 20, 1969, during the moon landing party. They had two children, daughter Sara Lee and son Travis.

A rare photo of the Gary Betzner family (Image: HBO)

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More recently, he is said to be married to his third wife, whose identity and details are not yet known.

Who are they the invisible pilot Gary Betzner’s parents?

Such was Gary Betzner’s life before September 1977. He had a volatile father whose abuse later turned Gary into a defiant rebel. It is rumored that Gary grew up with an abusive father because his mother abandoned him when he was a child.

Related FAQ

  • Do Gary Betzner’s family members appear? HBO’s Invisible Pilot?

The very mystery of Gary Betzner’s death is the focus of HBO’s three-part documentary series; features Gary himself telling his own story. In the first episode, he reveals what led him to fake his own suicide. “In some cases, it’s okay to lie…the truth is, I didn’t jump. I didn’t even think about jumping.”

Even her children (except Sally) appear in this show. The children are presented as wounded adults who are victims of their father’s war against conventions, rules and responsibilities. The series sees adults Polly, Sara Lee and Travis deal with some of their pain and trauma. The story goes that these children were left with a void in their lives due to the false death of their father.

The show went on to detail that Gary reconnected with all the kids after serving his full sentence. He was arrested on November 13, 1984; he was sentenced to 27 years and two months in federal prison for importing cocaine.

  • Has Gary Betzner’s family reconciled with the drug lord?

So it looks like Gary Benzer’s family has made amends with the drug dealer because he was probably clean after serving time in prison.

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Speaking of where he is now, he was recently in Arkansas with his third wife. He also stayed close to his children, according to the HBO documentary.

  • Is Gary Betzner’s family on Instagram?

Meanwhile, the Gary Betzner family does not appear to be on Instagram or any other social media platform as of this writing (April 2022).

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