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Meet Emily, the season two headliner love after lockdown which recently premiered on October 21, 2022. She appears in the series along with her imprisoned fiancé Duari. This couple has an understanding relationship, Emily says. However, from the very first episode, viewers felt that they might be the most suspicious couple of the season.

Let’s find out in the rest of the article detailing Emily, her age, last name, job, social media reach, and more.

Is love during confinement Is Emily still with Dauri?

Emily and Dauri first met when Emily clicked on an ad for a prison pen pal. She chose Dauri from the list of men because she found him the most attractive. Then, when Dauri got his first letters from Emily, he explains on the show, he thought she was a catfish. But even fans were convinced that Emily might have caught the Dauri from her because she never visited him. However, the show also showed that the attraction was instantly mutual and now they are even engaged. But of course, it was not easy for them either.

Emily told the camera on the show that she caught Dauri cheating on her by sending letters to another woman. However, Dauri explains that he only pretended to be the boyfriend of that mysterious woman in exchange for money.

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As their storyline for the season ended, it was revealed that Dauri and Emily stayed together. Viewers also witnessed their engagement. In fact, Emily even revealed that she was managing her finances until she got out of prison.

Dauri, if you don’t already know, is serving time on first degree armed robbery and auto theft charges. During his appearance in love during confinement, already turned six years old. It was unclear how much time he had left then, but the crime for which he was initially arrested took place in 2016.

Plus, as the show came to a close, Emily seemed determined to make things work, even if it also meant dealing with Daura’s infidelity.

According to Emily, the two of them have been at it for three long years.

Love During Emily’s Age Shutdown

love during confinementEmily was born in October 1992. So in 2022 she turned 30 years old.

What is love during incarceration Emily Surname?

love during confinementHis Emily’s last name is Aschenbach.

Today, Emily volunteers with CASA of Union County to serve as an advocate for Union County’s abused, neglected and abandoned children, primarily because she is adopted herself. Eileen E Aschenbach and Daniel J Aschenbach adopted her from a foster family when she was a few months old.

Since then, the adoptive parents have adopted five more children out of foster care.

Today, talking about her birth mother, Emily says that she wouldn’t have this life if she were still with her.

Love Closing Emily’s Business

Emily is an experienced forensic investigator with a proven track record of working in the wholesale industry. She is proficient in Microsoft Word, eCourts, and Adobe Illustrator. She also mentions on her LinkedIn that she specializes in criminal justice research.

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Since July 2019, she has been working full-time as a criminal data investigator at Report data.

Prior to that, Emily was a part-time team leader working on a team to provide educational activities for young children and families at Pace University.

Between 2014 and 2016, she also worked as a full-time office assistant at Union County College.

Talking about her education, Emily studied for an associate’s degree in liberal studies at Union College in New Jersey from 2013 to 2016. Between 2016 and 2019, she attended Pace University to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice.

Most recently, in 2022, he also worked toward an Advanced Certificate in Criminal Investigation at John Jay College (CUNY).

While we don’t know Emily’s net worth, she has been seen using the money from Dauri’s incentive check for herself. We see you love during confinement clip, to go buy a new engagement ring for himself. That is, it is believed that she agreed to stay with him only after he signed her power of attorney and after she took full charge of his finances.

In the November 2022 episode, Emily also agreed to meet Dauri’s former bunkie Storm, who she can’t stand, to give him $200 of Dauri’s money to invest in the business.

Meanwhile, there are fans who are speculating that Emily could be playing a dangerous game. They think things could get pretty ugly between them if she continues to spend her money at the rate shown.

Love during imprisonment Emily Height

love during confinementEmily is under 5 feet 7 inches tall.

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Related FAQ

  • Where did the love come from during Emily’s imprisonment?

Emily from Love During Lockdown likely hails from Cranford Township in Union County, in the US state of New Jersey, which is 28 miles southwest of Manhattan. She also resided here since 2022.

  • Is love during Emily’s imprisonment on IG and Facebook?

love during confinementEmily could be found on Instagram @thequeenofnj_ with 20 posts and 6,243 followers as of November 19, 2022. However, it wasn’t easy to discover her on Facebook.

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