The Flash Streaming Release Date Revealed After Losing WB $200m At Box Office

  • The Flash will be available for streaming on WarnerMedia’s platform on August 25, just two months and nine days after its theatrical release.
  • Warner Bros. incurred a significant loss of around $200 million at the box office due to the movie’s performance.
  • The movie features Ezra Miller reprising their role as the Scarlet Speedster and explores the consequences of his attempt to change the past.

After losing Warner Bros. upwards of $200 million at the box office, The Flash‘s streaming release date has been revealed. One of the final installments in the DC Extended Universe saw Ezra Miller return as the Scarlet Speedster as he sought to go back in time and save his mother from being murdered, only to result in major consequences for the universe and sending him into a different timeline. Such changes include him confronting a version of himself that hasn’t received his powers, as well as Ben Affleck’s Batman being replaced with Michael Keaton’s.

Just shy of two months after the movie hit theaters, the official Max account has revealed The Flash‘s streaming release date.

The latest DC movie will be coming to WarnerMedia’s recently launched streaming platform on August 25, clocking in two months and nine days after it first hit theaters. The Flash‘s streaming date also comes over a month after the movie first hit digital platforms and a few days before it makes its way to shelves on 4K Ultra-HD, Blu-ray and DVD.

Has The Flash’s Box Office Performance Killed His DCU Future?

In the lead up to the movie’s release, The Flash had a number of factors going against its chances at the box office, namely that of Miller’s multiple legal controversies in the years after production wrapped, as well as its uncertain ties to James Gunn’s rebooted DC Universe. Gunn tried to assure that The Flash had been part of his and DC Studios co-CEO Peter Safran’s plans, along with the upcoming Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, while also confirming around the same time that Xolo Maridueña’s Blue Beetle would be the franchise’s first official character.

Despite these promises, and some early positive reactions, The Flash still failed at the box office and left critics and audiences polarized, ultimately resulting in a lackluster $268.5 million box office haul against its reported $220 million production budget. A recent report confirmed that the movie was set to lose WB an estimated $200 million, seemingly killing any potential plans for Miller’s potential return as Barry Allen in Gunn’s DCU, especially as another report indicated that the movie needed to come close to The Batman‘s $770 million haul if to move forward with the sequel already penned by David Leslie-Johnson McGoldrick.

The only thing that seems like it could save Miller’s future in Gunn’s DCU is if The Flash‘s streaming release proves to be a record-setting hit for Max come August 28. The streaming date will come a week after Blue Beetle‘s release, creating a form of competition for those looking to see the new DC movie after its opening weekend, be it revisit or for the first time. While the movie may have more or less reset the continuity for Gunn’s reboot, some of the major unanswered questions left from The Flash, namely the identity of Barry’s mom’s killer and why George Clooney is now Batman, will likely remain a mystery.

Source: Max/Twitter

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