Moon Knight Poster Reveals Tokyo Ghoul Creator’s Take on MCU Show

Tokyo Ghoul creator Sui Ishida has shared his own take on Marvel’s Moon Knight in a new piece of art inspired by the recently released Disney+ series. The latest Marvel series stars Oscar Isaac as the titular hero. Ishida’s popular dark fantasy manga has received numerous adaptations, including multiple anime series and live-action films.

In Tokyo Ghoul, a near-fatal encounter with a carnivorous ghoul posing as his date completely upends Kaneki Ken’s (Natsuki Hanae) life forever when the surgery used to save him results in him becoming a half-ghoul. Kaneki is forced to adjust and fit into this new, unfamiliar hidden world of ghouls, all while grappling with his newfound desire to consume human flesh. At the same time, hidden shadowy organizations threaten the fragile balance and co-existence between humanity and ghouls, leading to Kaneki being drawn into bloody, chaotic conflicts. While Ishida has often reinterpreted beloved anime characters in his distinctive style, the mangaka has now shared his own take on Marvel’s complex hero of the shadows.

Shared by the anime news Twitter account Anime News and Facts, Ishida created a new piece of collaboration artwork to celebrate the release of Moon Knight on Disney+. Titled “‘Moon Knight × Tokyo Ghoul’ Dark Hero Special Illustration,” Ishida’s artwork places Moon Knight alongside Tokyo Ghoul protagonist Kaneki Ken in the form of a poster, with each half contrasting the other heavily. Moon Knight’s half of the artwork sets the Egyptian mythology-inspired hero against a cloudy green and blue sky, while Kaneki Ken’s half of the artwork places the masked hero against a vivid red cityscape backdrop. Check out Ishida’s stark artwork below.

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Like Tokyo Ghoul, Moon Knight focuses on a darker, hidden side of the world, such as Arthur Harrow’s (Ethan Hawke) dogmatic cult of Ammit and Khonshu (F. Murray Abraham) and Marc Spector’s (Isaac) attempts to stop them. While the villain has yet to personally come to blows with Moon Knight and has largely operated in the shadows, Hawke’s villain already made his presence known as a seemingly passive, well-intentioned leader hiding a narrow, brutal methodology and seemingly wide reach in society. Harrow has already earned the respect of another Marvel villain, as following the release of the first two episodes of Moon Knight, Daredevil and Hawkeye‘s Vincent D’Onofrio, who plays fan-favorite villain Wilson Fisk in the MCU, praised the show, highlighting Hawke’s performance alongside Isaac’s and May Calamawy’s.

With Moon Knight teasing more brutal moments going forward through Marc’s potentially violent third identity in the third episode, the series is shaping up to be one of the MCU’s darkest stories so far. With a more complex protagonist, an unexplored corner of the MCU, and a heavy emphasis on mystery, the show stands apart from the MCU’s current Disney+ offerings, relying on as little connection as possible to any prior material to tell a largely standalone story. As such, Ishida’s artwork perfectly creates an ominous, memorable image of Khonshu’s avenging Avatar.

Source: @AniNewsAndFacts

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