Man makes Turkish coffee while riding a bicycle, video leaves people impressed

A video of a man making Turkish coffee went viral on social media and left people in awe. Are you wondering why? So he made coffee while riding his bike. Impressive, isn’t it?

A man makes Turkish coffee while riding a bicycle. (Instagram/@davooodism)

“Turkish coffee with free nationwide delivery,” reads part of the headline, translated from Persian to English, shared with the video.

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The video opens to show a man putting a wooden plank on the handle of his bicycle. As the video goes, he adds coffee to the pot and places a miniature gas stove on the board. After adding water to the coffee and mixing it well, he puts it on the stove and heats it up. Towards the end of the clip, he pours coffee into a disposable cup and hands it to the customer.

Here’s a look at a man making coffee while riding a bike:

The video was shared on February 3 on Instagram. It has since gone viral with over 5.1 million views and counting. Many even took to the comment section of the post to share their thoughts.

See how people reacted to the video here:

“How cool, it takes a lot of balance. Good job,” one person wrote.

Another added, “Excellent.”

“How can it not fall? What do you think?” expressed the third.

A fourth joined in, “I’ve never had the control you have.”

What do you think of this barista’s skills?

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