Tap Wizard 2 MOD APK (Menu/God mode/Damage/Unlimited money) 5.4.8

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  • V1: Menu/God Mode/Damage/Infinite Money
  • V2: Menu/God Mode

Lost in a magical world, Tap Wizard 2 embarks on a journey full of adventure and mystery. It is no longer difficult for us to become a genius wizard with skills far beyond humans. Use powerful spells to protect you from enemies. No one can stop your path to becoming a great wizard. The vast land was invaded by hordes of demons. You have to bravely fight against these demons and protect the lives of the villagers. Mastering the spells, combining and mixing them will make all the difference.

In Tap Wizard 2, during the mission Chronosphere, the wizard is ambushed by the underworld. Although it swallowed its last breath, fortunately, the time barrier reminded time. There is hope that the wizard will be revived and increase his magic power and skills. Following the “Tap Wizard” series, the producer has released the second part, with new content and upgrades that are more complete than the first version. Belonging to the familiar RPG genre, players will not feel strange and surprised when starting. this game. Discover the new and changed for yourself with Tap Wizard 2.

Download Tap Wizard 2 mod – transform into a witch and protect the village from underground forces.

The main objective of the game is that you have to keep yourself alive. Tap Wizard 2 will take you to a mysterious world with thousands of talented magicians. To become the ultimate wizard, you must hone your existing skills and learn new ones. Use fire, ice, poison, and lightning spells to destroy the demons that dwell in the darkness. The battles will be divided into different levels. You will go from easy level to hard level and remember that HP is limited. You need to kill all enemies before running out of health and leaving the game. Try not to have to start over.

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learn different spells

As a witch, learning new spells is essential. Gradually increase your abilities and combat skills. Tap Wizard 2 offers magical treasures of fire, ice, poison, etc. skills that can also be fully upgraded to powerful levels. One person can create many sparks and destroy those who stand in their way. Or turn into a giant ball and roll across the arena. Stand tall and look down to deal corresponding damage. Up high, you will show the evil demons who is the supreme wizard here.

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More than 20 different types of enemies

In addition to the variety of magic, Tap Wizard 2 also has more than 20 different types of monsters. Each demon brings new unique abilities. Depending on the level, they can appear as numbers or groups. These demons are programmed to work together in a unified and flexible manner. It will be very useful if you have sharp observation skills to attack and dodge any opponent’s counterattack. Sometimes it’s a mixture of monsters. This will make it difficult for players to regulate strength and technique. Be careful and be aware of the risks that come with Tap Wizard 2.

screenshot 2 2

More than 12 unique totems

In addition to the basic skills available, Tap Wizard 2 also allows you to collect totems with other special skills. Totem is also known as totem. They come in different shapes and sizes, and often appear in different places. When you collect enough skill points after winning the games, you can use them in the giant memory tree. Then you can buy exactly the totem you want. Otherwise, you can collect them through Gift Boxes during battles. Don’t miss the daily gift boxes and drop gift boxes along the way. It will contain many interesting things that you did not expect.

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In addition to different types of totems or enemies, Tap Wizard 2 offers a variety of runes. More than 20 different types, let you participate in this battle without getting bored. An active community of players from all over the world. You can also join RPG witch battles to fight other ultimate wizards. Only the position of the number one winner brings glory and glory. Survive in this epic battle of wits. Destroy the dark forces that are hiding and immerse yourself in the thrilling suspense. Download the Tap Wizard 2 mod and become the most powerful ultimate wizard in the galaxy.

Download Tap Wizard 2 MOD APK for Android (Menu/God Mode/Damage/Unlimited Money)

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