Sweet Tooth’s New Hybrids Could Change 1 Character’s Role In Season 2

With the addition of several new multiracial children sweet teeth In season 2, a particular character can have a new and improved backstory. sweet tooth is a Netflix fantasy series based on the comic book of the same name by Jeff Lemire. The film tells the story of Gus, a half-deer boy, who sets out to find his mother with the help of a man named Jepperd. sweet tooth In season 1, General Abbot, a man who wants to experiment with hybrids, captures Gus and a group of other hybrids into the reserve.

And sweet tooth Season 2 is in production and scheduled to be built, and information about a new cast has appeared in the film. In particular, four new bisexual characters will join the cast sweet tooth Part 2 (via What is Netflix?). These newest characters include the sneaky Finn the Fox, Wally the Walrus, the feisty Hayley Mockingbird, and JoJo the Cat. Presumably, they would go to the sanctuary with Gus first, and maybe stay with him after they escaped.

Gus will be the hybrid leader in Sweet Tooth season 2

Important addition to the Preserve . mix group sweet tooth Season 2 hints that Gus will be the leader of hybrid.end sweet tooth Season 1 introduced the idea of ​​a lot of bisexual people living on the reserve, even though they only knew Gus and Wendy by name. Additional sweet teeth The hybrids in Season 2 and their stories suggest that these hybrids must get to know each other, form a relationship, and then work together to escape from General Abbott. Since Gus is the main character of the series, it looks like he could step up and become their leader, overcoming his reliance on Jepperd from last season.

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One of the main reasons Gus is the perfect blend leader is his communication skills. sweet tooth Not all mixed races in the world can talk like Gus, and some can’t even talk. sweet tooth The new characters in season 2, as written in their descriptions, also suffer from this problem. For example, Wally Walrus mostly speaks according to the lyrics, while Haley Mockingbird is better at imitating than creating his own lyrics. So Gus might say sweet tooth Will allow him to control their escape plan by naming the hybrids with words they cannot say themselves.

The Hybrids will be Gus’ new team in Sweet Tooth season 2

Bear talks to Gus in Sweet Teeth.

Despite having difficulty speaking, the new hybrids have special talents of their own. Like their designated animals, each hybrid possesses skills that can aid them in the outside world, or more likely in their fight for freedom. Especially when placed side by side, these babies can cause serious injury. Therefore, sweet teeth Season 2’s new hybrids will likely team up to follow Gus’ escape from the Sanctuary and beyond. With the speed of JoJo Cat and the cunning of Finn Fox, the kids will be able to work together to achieve their goals as a tight-knit team, similar to an army of animals. sweet tooth Season 1.

Not sure what it is sweet tooth Season 2 will hit the silver screen when it finally hits theaters, but the addition of a new cast is definitely a good sign. Most likely in season 2, sweet teethbelong to The universe will expand with more characters, more stories, and more answers to season 1’s unsolved mysteries. New hybrid babies won’t just increase sweet teeth world, but also leverages existing storylines, such as helping Gus grow into the leader he wants to be.

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