How To Find (& Catch) Shiny Minun in Pokémon GO

Shiny Minun is always a Pokémon that players can find and catch Pokémon GO As of 2018, it remains one of the rarest to be found in mobile gaming. Shiny Minuns can be easily recognized by their hand, ear, and cheek icons when the blue color is replaced by mint green. Shiny versions of Pokémon have the same catch rates as their standard versions, but they vary greatly in how easy they are to find. Like many other shiny pokemon Pokémon GOThe player has a 1/500 chance of finding the Shiny Minun.

Minun eventually becomes one of the weaker Pokémon used in Pokémon GO, but having the Shiny variant allows players to show off their collectibles. Shiny Minun was originally added Pokémon GO in 2018 and 2018 Pokémon GO festival Event and its Shiny partner Plusle. Minun is still a hard-to-find Pokémon Pokémon GO, Meet fewer players, the chance of finding Shiny Minun is also less.

like many other shiny pokemon Pokémon GOThe easiest way to find Shiny Minun is to increase the number of encounters with Pikachu in the game. All shiny pokemon Pokémon GO Luckily, they’re easier to find than the shiny Pokémon in the main game. Players don’t have to worry about any kind of software reset or complicated procedures to find shiny Pokémon Pokémon GO, They just need a little patience. Unfortunately, items like Shiny Charm Pokémon BDSP unavailable Pokémon GO, But there are still some tools that players can use to improve their chances of finding Shiny Minun.

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Pokémon GO: Easier way to find and catch Shiny Minon

The easiest way to find Shiny Minun easier is to update any event with Minun Pokémon GO, such as Highlighted Hours. Spotlight Time doesn’t increase the odds of finding Shiny Pokémon, but it does increase the spawn rate of featured Pokémon. From there, the player needs to be in Pokémon GO They probably will.

Another way players can increase the number of Minuns they find is by using Silph Road Nest Atlas Pokémon GOThe Silph Road Nest Atlas can point the player to the nearest lair of a particular Pokémon, where they can find a large amount of Minun. While any Spotlight Time is the preferred method since the player doesn’t need to travel to a specific location, the Silph Road Nest Atlas can be a great way to Pokémon GO.

Pokémon GO Now available on iOS and Android.

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