South Africa culinary: These are the 7 dishes you should eat

At Cape Agulhas, the southernmost point of Africa, mix with the cold water of the Atlantic, with the warm waves of the Indian Ocean. Geographically special position

At Cape Agulhas, the southernmost point of Africa, mix with the cold water of the Atlantic, with the warm waves of the Indian Ocean. A special geographical position, which led to the fact that culinary meridians cross in South Africa: the sea route to India and China to Europe around the Cape and made the country a transit point for goods from Asia.

The history of immigration to South Africa, the country’s cuisine was influenced by Dutch and British settlers who also touched the cooking, such as Malaysian and Caribbean slaves from the Dutch colonies. Immigrants from Portugal, France and Germany follow. Chinese and Indian workers settled in South Africa. All of them were influenced by your cooking culture, Kapküche. Traditional dishes of the Zulu, Xhosa, Soth and other African peoples.

Today, the rainbow of nations is not only the language of eleven official states, but also the way of eating reveals a lot about the people who live here. What it tastes like depends, therefore, on where you are staying.

Impala, Kudu or Springbok meat

What unites all South Africans is the love of the body. In any case, decline the invitation to the braai, the South African version of the barbecue. Grilled, in fact, always, be it steaks, chicken or Boerewors – a deliciously flavored beef and mutton sausage. But also exotics such as ostrich or crocodile meat sometimes on the grill.

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No Braai is complete without Periperi-Chilli, Relish such as Chakalaka, or Fruity Chutney. As a side dish, South Africans like to use baked sweet potatoes or pumpkin columns, popular pumpkins and butternuts. In African families there is food: Pap, so corn porridge, or Sam, a Xhosa dish of white beans. Millies-called corn directly on the grill.

along with international fast food that is also very popular in South Africa, where the better restaurants serve delicious Impala, Kudu or Springbok steaks. Also with East Africa, African influence, peanut or coconut sauce and live music. Along the coast, especially the Garden Route, there is an abundance of seafood, sea fish, squid and oysters in Gorabet. Especially popular is snoek, a local fish that is prepared in different ways and smoked: dried or grilled.

dried meat Snack of the Vortrekker

In and around Cape Town, Kapmalaien produces one of the best cuisines in the country, known for its many “Bredies” which refer to stews. Another specialty of the kapmalaiischer cuisine of Sosaties, marinated lamb skewers – spicy like shish kebab, or also fruity with apricots.

for The Bobotie, minced meat stuffed with a baked egg casserole reminiscent of shepherd’s pie. Seasoned with one of the Cape Malay Curries, they are milder and sweeter than the Indian version. The excellent and spicy Indian curry you get in Durban: Most of the people who live here have Indian roots.

For little Hunger Samoosas – stuffed dough pockets to be sold alongside a variety of pies in South Africa on every street corner. And of course Biltong: in the past, the Vortrekker ate the auto popular cured meat Snack in the plan. Today, in the supermarket or at the gas station, there is American Beef Jerky Biltong similar to Biltong: they are cut into handy slices or as large slabs.

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if you have a little more Muse, you can have a cup of traditional Roibostee and Koeksisters in a cafe or farm shop, which set the teeth together. This is a braid, a braid, a fried pastry that is soaked in syrup after baking.

A large selection for beer and wine lovers

Eating a chilled Windhoek lager, which is brewed in Namibia, formerly German South West Africa, according to the purity law of the former colonists. Other popular beer brands are also tasty: Castle lager, Carling Black Label or Amstel. For popular rights, Savannah Dry and Hunter’s Fruit Cider. fruits From the Marula tree comes the flavor of another South African specialty, Amarula liqueur.

But wine lovers can also find plenty in South Africa: viticulture in the Cape has already 350 years of tradition. Then, as now, American wines were grown in South Africa, especially in the southwest, in the Western Cape province. Wines from Stellenbosch and Constantia are now popular all over the world. In addition to the typical South African Pinotage or Steen varieties, Shiraz, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Merlot and Pinot Noir are also grown.

In the best case, the wine is tasted directly at the well. Almost every one of the many wineries in the Cape offers tastings where you can try a small amount of local varieties. The goods can be detected very well with the car alone. Alternatively, bus tours through the Winelands are also organized. The advantage is that nobody has to drive and miss.

Text: Peter Neitzsch Updated date: November 9, 2018, 8:01 p.m

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