Sons Of The Forest’s Most Hidden Connections To The Forest

the children of the forest is the sequel to the survival horror game forest Developed by the same studio, Endnight Games, the studio has gone to great lengths to give the two games a mystical connection. At first, the games seemed to share a similar setup, but that’s all. However, as players dig deeper into the island’s secrets, they may find that these games intertwine in unexpected ways.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Sons of the Forest and The Forest.]

setting the children of the forest It’s no wonder who has played it forest. The main character goes on a mission to find the missing Puffton family from a helicopter, but the helicopter is shot down. As players search for clues about the Puffton family on the island, a hidden connection between the two games begins to emerge.

Children of the forest follow the forest and introduce space travel

Besides fighting cannibals and mutants the children of the forestThe player can find books scattered across the island, mostly about parallel universes. There are also emails and research notes that make connections between stories the children of the forest and its predecessor, forestand refers to traveling the dimensions multiple times, which could lead to parallel universes. In addition, players who complete forest Timmy saved recognizable the children of the forest Takes place at Site 2, where Timmy is said to be doing research in the epilogue.

Forest therapy in the Sahara has competition in the children of the forest

A player is holding a magazine reporting on a revival memorial found in the forest.

Research and testing by Sahara Therapeutics are the driving factors for this event forest. Company struggles to survive and beat the children of the forest, players have discovered that both games revolve around the ruins of an ancient civilization, which could lead to more games being added to the series. As Timmy sees, being affected by relics can have lifelong side effects, Virginia has the potential to be influenced by cubes, which could lead her to study these phenomena just as Timmy did. and find more relics from the civilization hidden under the island.

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Although the story of two people the children of the forest And forest Not offered to the player directly, it seems much more in-depth than reading all the documents scattered across the island. Survival is not just about having food to eat the children of the forestit’s also about uncovering the secrets of Site 2 and searching for relics, similar to the goal of finding the resurrected Obelisk in forest. Those who have played both games will notice that the most potential connection between the two the children of the forest And forest It is the ancient civilization that left the ruins of the center stage.

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