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A PDF is a text file that can be presented in a variety of ways. Not everyone knows how to use them correctly and effectively. Then let PDF Extra help you learn this useful tool. Guaranteed to make your office work easier and more convenient than ever. It is an application that allows to perform all the most necessary operations on PDF files. PDF Extra will allow you to learn more about how this format works. Life, if it is to function properly, needs to be quick and direct. Here are the tools that can do that.

Get everything you can do with PDFs. Then make them even simpler with just a few buttons. This makes PDF Extra popular and preferred by many people working in an office environment. From archiving to editing and document management, it does it all. Moreover, it only takes up a small amount of space on your smartphone and can store a lot of important data. Best of all, it works in any working environment without causing inconvenience to the user.

If you are a hard worker, or someone who contributes and edits data on many important projects, you need PDF Extra on your phone. As mentioned above, it will help with your writing work. What is unique is that the operation is very easy and everything can be done with just one touch of the screen, unlike a specific tool in the computer that can only support one job. It’s exactly what you need when traveling without carrying bulky luggage. Just one phone is enough to manage your work data.

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From printing, copying, editing, searching text data… are all integrated in PDF Extra. You can take pictures and save documents until you need them. Therefore, there will be no need for inconvenient mainframes. You can handle it all with just one tiny device. This application will contain many skills and professional office workers required. This way, they don’t have to learn them in a more complicated way. Make time for other important things.

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Manage PDF files

For example, you need to evaluate the text and add the appropriate annotations. Would you mind using PDF Extra with corresponding function? A method of checking equipment would certainly be faster and more accurate. You can then scan them into smaller files to send to your boss or elsewhere. With unique markings and small capacity, storage is also easy. It will also be a very handy solution when adding or contracting is needed. Make business cooperation meet and collaborate without going far. It is this convenience that is one of the strengths of PDF Extra.

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Print, convert and save files

Printing documents will also be easier when you no longer have to use a computer directly connected to the printer. This app will connect to bluetooth for easy moving back and forth. Simply press the print button to print the document on the printer you want. Even PDF Extra can convert image and audio files to text. High precision, very reliable to use. Saving files with your account is very safe. Fraudsters have no chance to steal important DA and will be strictly protected by the security system.

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use as entertainment

Even PDF Extra is not necessarily for people who work in offices. This application is also suitable for those who like to read books in their spare time. The developer also specially launched a night mode, allowing you to read books online comfortably without worrying about vision problems. Not just a great product for office workers. It is also an interesting entertainment tool for those who want a private space. It not only serves work but also promotes efficiency and helps users relax.

Free PDF additional mod apk

PDF Extra has grown beyond the realm of business applications and is now open to anyone interested in writing. Working, collaborating, problem solving, and having fun all make sense. Hopefully with more updates to come, PDF Extra mod will increasingly improve its incredible word processing capabilities.

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