Software update adds height audio control to Sonos Arc soundbar

Yesterday, Sonos released a software update that includes improvements for owners of its Arc soundbar and Roam portable Bluetooth speaker.

Arc owners can now adjust the volume level of the up-firing height channel drivers separately from the levels of the other channels, something that could not be changed before.

The upward-firing drivers in Dolby Atmos-enabled soundbars rely on overhead ceilings to bounce sound from the soundbar to the viewer. But many variables, such as ceiling height, ceiling shape, and distance from the soundbar to the viewer can affect how convincing the channel sounds are.

The ability to manually adjust the volume of these channels should help those who feel that Sonos’ Trueplay room tuning system doesn’t deliver the kind of immersive sound they were hoping for, or conversely, that the height channel effects are too strong for their liking.

To access the new settings, Arc owners should:

  • Open the Sonos S2 app, tap settings tab, then select System.
  • Select the room where the Arc soundbar is located.
  • Under, under Sound touch Sound pitch.
  • Use the slider to increase or decrease the volume of the pitch audio channel.

For Roam owners, the software update addresses a possible battery drain issue noted by people who have installed Google Assistant on their portable speaker. This could cause the battery to drain quickly, leaving Roam owners with less than the stated 10 hours.

Sonos hasn’t indicated how much the update will affect Roam’s battery life. “Today’s update ensures that users can maximize battery life while enjoying Google Voice Control,” a Sonos representative said in an email to reporters.

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