Buying land raises many of the products from the range: These popular brands in fly out

the buying country removes many products from the range because there is a price battle with the manufacturer. Affected well-known brands Knorr na

the buying country removes many products from the range because there is a price battle with the manufacturer. Famous Knorr to the Ax brands affected.

In a week, customers of the Kaufland supermarket chain in front of partially empty shelves. The reason: After months of price negotiations, the Kaufland supermarket chain in a price war with consumer goods manufacturer Unilever is pulling the emergency brake.

country of purchase, and Unilever is fighting over prices

Since the company does not want to accept price increases for the group, it is removing almost all Unilever products from the shelves until December 31, 2018. “The purchase of the land on December 31 ended the decades-long business relationship with Unilever in Germany,” the company said on Friday.

the country of purchase justified the step with Unilever’s demand for a drastic price increase. This would lead “to significant increases in selling prices, the market price would disappear,” the buying country complained.

This indicates the country of purchase that is now dropping from the product range

the following products are affected: Axe, Signal, Knorr, moon amine, Pfanni, Bertolli, Unox, Lipton, Ben & Jerry’s, Coral CIF, Domestos, Dove, Rexona and Duschdas. Only a few selected ice creams from the offer Unilever wants to sell the chain. “Lebensmittel Zeitung” and “Handelsblatt” previously wrote about it.

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“Increases are the reasons for this drastic price, as well as unilateral changes to the terms and conditions of Unilever,” explains the country of purchase in relation to “Lebensmittel Zeitung”. The products make up a sales report of 300 to 350 million euros.

country of purchase, customer, expensive? Unilever is not saying anything yet

Unilever initially received no comments on the move. “Food newspaper” reported, citing well-informed circles, that the company has taken a break in the purchase, Savoybetting because it is a trader in Germany, the growth rates of previous years, but still every year the conditions of improvement are demanding. This made him an expensive customer.

Also interesting: the country of purchase has an interest in the supermarket chain Real

Kaufland has an interest in the supermarket chain Real, the Metro group wants to separate. According to information from the German news agency, there are several people interested in Real, including at least one strategic investor. “Handelsblatt” (Thursday) reported that rival buying countries to which they belong, such as Lidl and the Schwarz Group, have signaled their interest.

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