Rope Hero: Vice Town MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 6.5.0

Rope Hero: Vice Town superhero game lets you engage in intense battles. Naxeex LLC simulates a joke-like story. Starting with the warrior suit, you don’t understand what’s going on. Rope Hero: Vice Town gives you an extremely heavy task of fighting against the forces of evil. You need to find your background and you need to fight early to complete the mission. In a city full of criminals and gangsters, ordinary people are no match for them. You with special powers now need to stand up for justice. The whole of humanity is waiting for you to take every step to victory.

The scale of criminal activities is large and the tricks are extremely barbaric. As a hero who saves the world with the ability to fly like a spider, you will be alone against them. Like a war, but here you are losing numbers. Therefore, there is no other way than to equip yourself with powerful weapons. Rope Heroes: City of Vice MOD combines reality and fiction to make it easier for you to take down the bad guys. Open the game and start your first mission.

Rope Hero: Vice Town – Become a hero to save the world

The perfect combination of 3D FPS and RPG makes Rope Heroes: Vice City an action game like no other. You are in a big city, pay attention to the symbols on the map so as not to go in the wrong direction. Danger is everywhere, they have guns and are ready to attack. Use your existing skills to avoid taking damage from them and try to fight back. Again, GameDVA wants to emphasize that you have a lot of crime. There is no other way, you have to stand up and fight them. If you want to learn more about street style, Vegas Crime Simulator APK is also an option.

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Modern weapon system

Weapons are an indispensable item in Rope Hero: Vice City. No matter how good you are at fighting, it will be difficult to stop criminals. They have a lot of very aggressive people. The only way to curb these barbaric practices is to forcefully eradicate them. There are many different types of weapons: pistols, AKs, grenade launchers… You are free to choose and buy all kinds of weapons according to your needs. After buying the gun, don’t forget to buy more ammo. You cannot attack if only the gun is not loaded.


You can increase the power of each weapon by upgrading it. Each weapon has specific limitations. Equip your characters with the necessary weapons, which increase their effectiveness in a variety of situations. Choose a safe haven or your life will be in danger. This is a necessary job. You won’t be able to fight them if you only have powerful weapons.

different means of transport

Rope Hero: Vice Town has many vehicles to fight like wartime. All you need are military tanks, heavy helicopters, super cars, luxury cars… use them and you can defeat the gangster regimes raging everywhere in the best way. .

Download Rope Hero Vice Town MOD

Rope Hero: Vice City Fighting Game was born because of your noble mission. Humanity is such a mess that you are their only hope. Be careful with each move, don’t make mistakes and of course, you can play an unlimited number of times. But we will still do our best to give everyone more peace of mind. If you want a game with new visuals, try Dude Theft Wars. Download Rope Heroes: Vice City MOD is a burden on your shoulders. Stay calm and master the fight. You represent all the gentle life in this city.

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New features in updated versions

  • Improve the game interface to be more user-friendly.
  • Better audio experience.

Download Rope Heroes: Vice City MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

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