A Shocking MCU Villain Is About to Join the X-Men

Warning: There are spoilers for X-Men #20 x Men #20 reveals dangerous twists and turns for mutants Krakoa, Kingpin, and Typhoid Mary, the villains of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Marvel Comics, recently. demon rule.

Both Wilson Fisk and Mary Walker are classic villains, traditionally arch-enemies of New York City’s hero Daredevil. Kingpin Appears as Main Villain in MCU reckless And Eagle Eye series, Typhoid Mary in set right exhibition.

x Men #20 – Written by Gerry Duggan, with artwork by Stefano Caselli and Federico Blee – Dramatic ending with Typhoid Mary and Kingpin appearing to Sage through the Krakoan portal. Fisk claims that he is seeking pardon from Krakow through his marriage to Mary, herself a mutant. The move will lead to endless political turmoil in the Mutant Nation and personal disputes with Silent Council member Emma Frost.

Mary and Kim have not been seen since the reign of the devil

Devil's Reign #6 Kingpin and Typhoid Mary leave New York on a yacht

this demon rule In the crossover, Kingpin, then mayor of New York, used his mayor powers to outlaw hanging heroism, rather than using his ruthless Thunderbolt team to arrange heroes and civilians. At the same time, Fisk is also secretly using the power of the man in purple to control the people around him. Typhoid Mary, now Fisk’s second wife, is a notorious mutant with dissociative identity disorder, a trained assassin with mutant telepathy, low-level telepathy, and the ability to initiate unusually strong movement. demon rule Ending with Fisk and Walker escaping custody and leaving New York on a yacht, Kingpin tells his son Butch told authorities he killed him, despite the data page in mutant #20 revealed that the authorities did not seem to believe his son’s word.

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Fisk uses his marriage to Marie to request a pardon from Krakow

X-Men #20 Krakoa asks for pardon

Krakoa is built on the idea of ​​amnesty for all mutants, even former villains like Apocalypse, Exodus or Emplatt, so it makes perfect sense for Fisk to use his marriage to Typhoid Mary to beg for amnesty. . Although Typhoid Mary seems to have never been to Krakoa before and has a history of being outside the mutant community (as not even counted among the “198” mutants who retained their powers after M-Day), Krakoa there is a tradition for anyone Amnesty to search its mutants.data pages in x Men #20 reveals that Fisk is, unsurprisingly, being hunted by many authorities including Interpol, so relying on Krakoan’s pardon may be the only way for him to avoid arrest and jail at this moment.

Emma Frost’s complicated past with Fisk will inevitably lead to conflict

Demon Reign X-Men #3 Emma Frost Menace Protagonist

x Men #20 shows Emma Frost’s first reaction to Fisk’s disappointment upon entering Krakoa, which is not surprising given the bitter history between the two. Fisk used Emma as a pawn for many years and the end in the end demon rule See Emma Frost threaten Fisk with death and temporarily take over Mary’s mind. Kingpin and Mary’s request to pardon Krakoa not only led to severe political pressure from outside forces, including potential condemnation from New York City heroes like Daredevil and Elektra, but Emma Frost is sure to raise personal questions about his presence on the island.

While the true motives behind Wilson Fisk’s pardon remains unknown, Kingpin and Typhoid Mary appear to be planning to manipulate Krakoa’s laws for their own dark gain, which would make the Krakoa and the X-Men’s mutants are in danger.

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x Men #20 from Marvel Comics is now available.

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