Resident Evil 4 Remake: Leon’s Complete Timeline Before & After RE 4

this Resident Evil 4 remake will be based on the entire timeline of the main character, Leon Kennedy. The remake, scheduled to hit theaters on March 24, will retell Leon’s story about rescuing the US president’s daughter who was kidnapped in an isolated village in Spain. Evil 4 took the franchise in a new direction, turning it from pure survival horror to a more fast-paced action game. Its innovative gameplay, complex storyline and iconic dialogue have paid off Evil 4 One of the best video games of all time.

Unsurprisingly, a large portion Evil 4Success is what Lyon characterizes. Despite his respectable motives and fighting prowess, his sarcastic comments and down-to-earth point of view provide the necessary contrast to make Leon a flesh-and-blood character. This repetition of Leon became his defining personality, but Leon evil resident world. Worth seeing how Leon wins the mission to rescue the president’s daughter and how his character changes as events unfold Evil 4.

Leon S. Kennedy debuts in Resident Evil 2 (1998)

Evil 2 This is Leon’s first appearance in the series, succeeding Chris Redfield as the lead actor in the first film. evil residentLeon lost his parents at a young age, worshiped the police, and was accepted into the police academy. When he graduated at the age of 21, he was sent to evil resident The first version of Day 1 of the Raccoon City Police Department – however, Leon was late for his first shift after getting drunk the night before due to a bad breakup with his girlfriend. Thankfully, September 29, 1998 was the day Raccoon City happened.

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Leon arrives during a zombie outbreak and teams up with Chris’ older sister, Claire Redfield. They investigate Umbrella’s underground facilities and discover the newly formed G-Virus and its creator, William Birkin, infected. Notably, Leon also met his love with the series: Ada Wong. Despite claiming to be a civilian, Ada is revealed to be a secret agent tasked with obtaining samples of the G-Virus that Umbrella named. Ada completes his mission but saves Leon’s life in the process, and he and Claire kill William Birkin and save his daughter Shirley Birkin. The three escape from Raccoon City, and Leon is determined to defeat Umbrella.

Leon S. Kennedy as a government agent in Resident Evil: Chronicles of the Dark Side (2002)

Resident Evil 4 Leon vs Krauser

Leon is recruited into the Department of Security Operations (DSO), an anti-terrorism agency under the direct supervision of the President. During this time, you are Resident Evil – Codename: Veronica When he helps Claire by passing her SOS email to Chris. But his main mission is Operation Javier, which is Evil 4 featured in Resident Evil: The Dark Chronicles story.

Leon is sent to South America to destroy drug lord Javier Hidalgo, who is deploying a biological organic weapon (BOW). He teams up with Special Forces soldier Jack Crowther, and together they defeat the mutant Javier, who is later revealed to be trying to cure his daughter.

Leon Kennedy as Presidential Agent: Resident Evil 4 (2004)

Ashley Graham Leon Kennedy Turns Off Resident Evil 4

Leon’s next mission with the DSO is his most iconic to date, forming Evil 4. The president’s daughter, Ashley Graham, is kidnapped and Leon is sent to a Spanish countryside to rescue her. Upon arrival, he finds the townsfolk hostile, allied with a sect called Los Illuminados, led by Osman Saddler.exist Evil 4 Saddler discovered Las Plagas, an ancient dormant parasite that, unlike viruses, gives the host the cognitive ability to strategize and coordinate. Leon teams up with Luis Serra, a biologist who has defected from the Illuminati, to defeat the cult and rescue Ashley.

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Leon and Ashley are infected with Plagas, which means they need to find a cure before they can escape. In addition, Leon must battle local lords, villagers, and his former partner, Jack Crowther. As it turns out, Krause worked for evil residentThe main villain of all time, Albert Wesker. Finally, Ada Wong reappears in Evil 4 Come help Leon. Leon completes her mission by killing Crowther, wiping out Sadler, and healing herself and Las Pragas’ Ashley—but before long, Ada reveals that she is also Wesker’s double agent. She steals samples from Las Plagas, tarnishing Leon’s outright victory.

Leon S. Kennedy’s Cinematic Missions: Resident Evil Fallen (2005), Resident Evil Infinite Darkness (2006) and Resident Evil Curse (2011)

Leon Kennedy in Resident Evil Infinite Darkness and Marhawa Lust Comics

Leon’s success in Spain led him to take on many new assignments over the next 8 years; they are depicted in the cartoon Resident Evil Transgender, Resident Evil Infinite Darkness (technically a limited series), and Resident Evil Curse. The film has a recurring theme of greedy people using BOWs for profit: Depression There was a big pharmaceutical CEO who spread the virus to boost his vaccine sales, endless darkness There is a senator trying to make war with China curse There is a foreign president who unethically starts a civil war.leon overthrows everyone evil resident villains and gain combat experience, but at the cost of becoming increasingly frustrated.

Leon Kennedy joins Chris Redfield in Resident Evil 6 (2013)

Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy duel in Resident Evil 6.

Evil 6 There are three distinct plot lines, all of which converge at the end. Leon’s backstory is that he protects President Adam Benford and is about to reveal the truth about Raccoon City to the public. Before he could, however, a new C virus broke out and infected Benford. Leon is forced to kill him, a tragic turn since Benford first recruited Leon into the DSO. Corrupt national security adviser Derek C. Simmons blames Leon for the outbreak of the C virus and accuses him of assassinating Benford. To whitewash, Leon teamed up with agent Helena Harper to track down Simmons and expose his crimes.

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Leon gets help again evil resident By Ada Wong – But this time, there’s also a doppelganger named Carla, Ada Wong, running around wreaking havoc. During this time, Leon meets Chris for the first time, but their interaction is tense as Leon tries to protect Carla from Chris’s desire for revenge. There, he also reunites with the adult Shirley Birkin, who teamed up with Albert Wesker’s son to find an antidote to the C virus. Leon, Ida and Helena fight and destroy Simmons, bringing back. evil residentThe story of the C virus ends here.

Leon Kennedy’s Future: Resident Evil (2014)

Leon omitted in Resident Evil Vendetta

leon was last seen in evil resident franchise so far in anime Resident Evil Vendetta. feud A more mature image of Leon is provided, showing him scarred and defeated after several BOW killing missions. He became addicted to alcohol because Chris personally asked him to help rescue Rebecca Chambers (the main character). Evil resident 0). Leon completes his mission, eliminating bioterrorist Glenn Arias and his virus A, but remains skeptical: he believes the virus will never end.

Perhaps because of this, Evil 7 or evil villager Do not recommend Leon. His future in the series is in doubt, but as one of the series’ four main characters, it looks like Leon will be back again. His relationship with Ada Wong still needs to be worked on and this part could easily become a new anchor evil resident game. Perhaps he will play a leading role in the new surge in the quest to stamp out bioterrorism once and for all. evil resident game, many of these intentions will be in Resident Evil 4 remake.

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