Chloe Bailey Faces Backlash After Revealing A Collaboration With Chris Brown

American singer Chloe Bailey was recently criticized by fans on Twitter for collaborating with Chris Brown on her upcoming track, How Does It Feel? Some questioned Bailey’s choice to partner with someone who had previously been accused of violence against women. People are expressing concern and displeasure over Chloe Bailey partnering with Chris Brown as social media platforms continue to pile up tweets and posts related to the relationship. @jennytheleo posted:

“Chloe Bailey is writing a song with Chris Brown in 2023; She is afraid of success.

After the announcement, how does she feel? collaborated with Chris Brown, Chloe Bailey was criticized.

After Chloe Bailey’s Twitter post on February 16, 2023 announcing her collaboration with Chris Brown went viral, some netizens quickly took to social networking sites to express express dissatisfaction. Several Twitter users, noting that Brown had been an abuser, noted that the new collaboration was “disgusting” and asked Chloe to “delete” the post and song from the album.

Despite that, some Twitter users jumped in support of Bailey, citing Chris’s talent as an artist. They reported that Bailey “barely” received any support from the online community, but when Brown was mentioned, she was intrigued.

Chris Brown has lost many commercial contracts due to a number of complaints.

Chris Brown’s assault allegations date back to 2009 when he was dating Rihanna. At that time, the vocalist Umbrella opened up about being beaten by Brown, leading to many injuries. He later pleaded guilty and admitted that he hit Rihanna afterwards. He lost many business contracts due to this event and received much criticism.

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2. COM. WHAT IS FEELING? @Chris Brown. 24/2

– Chloe (@ChloeBailey) February 16, 2023

Soon after, Brown’s other ex-girlfriend, model Karrueche Tran, received a restraining order against him. She accused him of spying on her, sending insulting messages to her and trying to injure her. Brown received multiple charges following the incident with Frank Ocean, in addition to assaulting an ex-girlfriend and being involved in domestic violence cases. Brown allegedly threatened to “shoot him,” followed later. Also, in 2013, he was involved in a Los Angeles crash case, but avoided a prison sentence because the charge was dropped.

Chris Brown has previously been treated for untreated bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. Another woman filed a lawsuit against Brown in January 2022, alleging that he approached her on a boat in Florida. According to the application, the event took place in December 2020.

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But when he returned to the music scene, the celebrities who had been seen in the same frame as him went through a huge shock. Similarly, former Fifth Harmony member Normani was fined for collaborating with Chris Brown. How Does It Feel, Chloe Bailey’s follow-up song starring Chris Brown, will be released on February 24, 2023. Other tracks from her In Pieces album will be available a few weeks later.

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