Random Dice: Wars MOD APK (Free dice, FREE POWER UP, MENU) 2.11.7

Grab the dice and roll to destroy your opponents in Random Dice: Wars. You’ll fight for control of the dice in real-time duels against others. The competition between you and others will be a constant roll of the dice. You will call the dice and always move towards your opponent to attack. Your opponent can also call the dice to stop your progress. Enter an exciting world of dice and use them to defeat your opponents. Let’s see who collects the most dice and wins each round.

The mortal battle is no longer just a fierce battle between warriors on the battlefield. You can also create these wars using the blocks in the game. The cubes will be placed in the linen of the square battlefield to be able to fight. They will also shoot and slow down like real-life warriors. The ultimate goal is to destroy the opponent’s dice and advance to the opponent’s fortress. Change spectator characteristics to make them stronger against enemy dice. Test your dice control or compete with others in a variety of modes.

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Summon an army of dice and continue to discover their abilities in the arena. Your opponent also has dice with the same special ability as you. You can encounter the opponent’s fortress in various modes in the game. Your chances of winning in this arena depend on the quantity and quality of the dice. Plunge the dice that are summoned over time to destroy enemies. You also need to protect your house from many enemy dice. Have a cube war and unleash an amazing dice war.

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Random Dice War apk

dice war

A fierce duel has officially begun. By manipulating magic dice, only a single stronghold can be won between the two dice kingdoms. Although they are not warriors like humans, the dice always have special abilities. It is to keep rolling towards the enemy, crushing them with magically enhanced power. The dice will now also have life, giving you an idea of ​​how long they will last. Or these cubes can also hold weapons and fight like warriors. Anything is possible, equip an army of the strongest dice to conquer the enemy fortress.

Random Dice War Mod

protect the dice house

You roll the dice in war, and strongholds help you do that. This place constantly summons dice warriors with different abilities to fight. The guardian of the dice tower in the game is you and you have to protect it. Analyze your knowledge and your opponent’s dice to defend yourself successfully. Alternatively, choose to counterattack when the enemy dice have not yet appeared. Protection is about keeping yourself safe and attacking when your opponent is not ready. Be a part of the game and defend your dice house in duels.

Free random dice war

collect dice

Hundreds of dice are still waiting to be discovered inside the stronghold you protect. These are cubes with strange powers that have yet to be opened before the battle. Those dice require you to upgrade your power in time to unlock them. If your passion is too weak, then you will not have the mind to collect them all. PvP battles will earn you titles and help you manage the dice. As your title and rank increase, you will unlock powerful dice. You can also try to get your dice army to the top of the leaderboard for the tallest defensive towers.

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Random Dice Wars mod apk

The warriors in the battle between you and other opponents are now blocks of dice. They can also fight like warriors; The goal is to destroy the enemy base. That place constantly spawns dice enemies that must be defeated if they are to survive. Bastion will help you in battle by calling more dice of different powers. It would be helpful to find out how strong each cube is before sending those blocks into battle. Collecting dice can keep you ahead of other players. Download the Random Dice: War mod to join exciting dice battles and protect your home.

Download Random Dice: War MOD APK for Android (Free Dice, Free Power Up, Menu)

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