Love Hard: 10 Funniest Quotes From The Netflix Movie

Swiping to the right brings a lot of drama in the great Netflix romantic comedy, love much as I can. What started as an innocent online flirt turns into a complicated prank with lots of love and laughter in between. While Natalie (Nina Dobrev) and Josh (Jimmy Ouyang) are the main characters of the film with many funny lines, the other supporting characters also show their humorous side.

With a story that focuses on the pros and cons of online dating and how it goes hilariously wrong, it comes as no surprise. love much as I can There are many funny, memorable quotes. From Natalie’s hilarious quips about her miserable dating life to Mrs. June’s never-appropriate remarks, there’s plenty of hilarious lines in the film that fans won’t never forget.

Lee asked for more articles

“Just hang out with some Tinder stuff and complain about him, please.”

Natalie’s boss pursued her to write a follow-up article on the day of the disaster. When she told him she wanted to write something different, more positive, he countered by asking her to date another bad Tinder and write about it.

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While Lee’s pressure on Natalie was the main reason she agreed to Josh’s fake date — a common trick in Netflix’s holiday rom-coms — it also motivated She explores new experiences as he puts her in a relationship with Tiger, so a friendship is formed, Josh and she eventually found the perfect match for her in a way she never could. think is possible.

Josh & Nat . Signature Statement

“Dear Child Jesus.”

Nina Dobrev and Jimmy O. Yang as Natalie and Josh in Love Hard

Josh and Natalie have both quoted the line on various occasions, and while there’s nothing particularly funny about the verse itself, its origins are certainly hilarious. After Natalie realized she had been tricked and Josh ran after him to explain, she picked up baby Jesus from the decorations outside his house and used it to beat him up.

This phrase is often used to mean something like “oh my god,” but it’s cute, and in this case literally. Other than that, it’s an inside joke of the couple, don’t pretend to love each other, until they’re officially together.

Natalie rushes out

“I’ll let little Jesus take the wheel.”

Nina Dobrev as Natalie in love with a Jesus doll

When Natalie left after her first fight with Josh, she was holding a baby Jesus doll. He points out that she doesn’t know where she’s going, and she replies that the doll will lead the way.

The dialogue is a playful passage from Carrie Underwood’s song “Jesus Take The Wheel,” about a woman coming home for Christmas—and in the meantime, the movie and Netflix are like the rest of the series. Christmas movie coming up — when her car loses control, she begs Jesus to take the wheel. In a way, Natalie’s love life is a similar tragedy, culminating in her time travel before she realizes she’s been cheated on.

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Josh defends his actions

“I don’t mean to play tricks on you, it’s just natural.”


When Natalie accused him of how absurd his catfish plan was, Josh said these words to his defense because at some point they would meet and she would realize it. immediately that he with the photo on the profile is completely different – that’s how it happened.

Both funny and tragic, Josh’s explanation is honest. When using Tag’s, he got tired of not getting any matches until he connected with Natalie. That lie was on the rise, and his desperate attempts to get attention turned into a hoax in the end.

Natalie cheers me up

“The roof may not be my child, but I will still raise him.”

Nina Dobrev as Natalie, scenes from Love Hard

After a disastrous first meeting with Josh, Natalie walks into a bar and spots Tiger. Her best friend convinced her to try flirting with him, so to get his attention, she asked for a song so she could sing karaoke and do a sexy dance.

Before the show, she drank a glass of wine and cheered herself up with a saying. This is a funny version of an old saying about raising the roof, one of many popular sayings love much as I can Take on an eccentric twist. Unfortunately, she didn’t turn out the way she hoped.

dinner with natalie

“You know me, it’s rare that a good vet can bring him back from the dead.”

Tiger and Natalie raise a glass at Love Hard dinner

During their flirting, Tag took Natalie to a steakhouse for dinner. When the waiter asked Tager how he liked the steak prepared, he told him he wanted it very rare and made a joke.

His jokes are all the more ironic, since Natalie is a vegetarian (which she hid from Tiger). This is one of the main things that shows the two of them are not compatible and Josh is the better boyfriend love much as I can Because Natalie doesn’t have to lie or pretend that she’s not with him.

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Grandma Jun about old dating habits

“A pen is stronger than a penis.”

Althea Kaye as June Lin's grandmother in Love Hard

When the family asked Josh and Natalie how they met, Joan commented on how people often fall in love based on words, leading to her saying “the pen is stronger than the sword”.

Throughout the movie, Mrs. Joan says a lot of inappropriate things like this. It’s basically part of her personality and one of her funniest and most endearing characters love much as I can And a major part of the rom-com comedy side of things.

Gladyce of the nursing home

“Is Curvy spelled A -Y or -EY?”

Gladys from nursing home in difficult love

Joan asked Josh and Nat to talk to their friends at home and give them some online dating tips. While all the residents were suggesting clever ways to lie about their condition to appear more desirable, Josh delivered a moving speech about living the truth rather than making up lies. characters they think others will like.

Instead of taking him seriously, Gladys asked the question so she could put it on her online profile. Although his speech did not have much impact on the people, it shows that he has learned his lesson and realizes the error in his conduct. In the process, he hurt Natalie and himself, as well as Tiger, who was unwittingly dragged into their mess.

Natalie and Josh open their minds

“We should fix the catfish problem in the room.”

Nina Dobrev as Natalie in Love Hard

When Josh offers a deal to Natalie, he takes her to his home so they can discuss their ruse in detail and plan to make Tiger fall in love with her. She brought up the issue of him teasing her with a hilarious catchphrase “the elephant in the room”.

Ironically, while she said it about Josh, then it also applies to her. Natalie is annoyed that Josh is teasing her, but continues to do the same things to Tag when she pretends to enjoy the outdoors and eats beef to make him like her.

Natalie asks for a second chance

“Say it’s a Mormon.”

Natalie and Josh decorate the Christmas tree in Love Hard

After the truth comes out, Natalie finds out that she really likes Josh and wants to be with him. really love Inspired, she came to his house with a stack of signs and wrote down her feelings. The first poster instructs Josh to lie about who is at the door.

Not only is this scene a repeat of a similar scene from one of Josh’s favorite Christmas movies, it’s also related to an earlier scene in the film when Natalie arrives at Lin’s house and his mother screams at the door. that Josh’s father wasn’t a Mormon asked who was there.

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