Pet dad lets dog raise a kitten, records their growing bond

Videos that show the sweet bond of friendship between cats and dogs are wonderful to watch. One such video posted on Reddit touched people’s hearts. A heartwarming video shows how a dog and a cat gradually grow closer after being adopted by the same pet dad. The clip is a montage of different videos that perfectly capture the different stages of the relationship between the duo.

The picture shows a cat and a dog with their pet dad. (Reddit/@iamtheliquor__)

“When you let your dog raise a kitten,” reads the caption posted alongside the video on Reddit. The clip opens to show a kitten sitting on a human’s lap with a dog sitting next to them. As the video progresses, the man encourages the dog to pet the little one. The scene shows one of the first meetings between a kitten and a dog.

The video also captures how they grow closer to each other over the years. From keeping their distance to being inseparable, it’s amazing to witness the transformation of this duo.

Check out this Reddit video of a cute cat-dog interaction:

The video was published before 5 p.m. The video has since gone viral. So far, the stock has received more than 37,000 upvotes and counting. The post also prompted people to share different reactions.

How did Reddit users react to this video?

“That jump up the stairs was hilarious,” posted a Reddit user. To which the original poster replied: “Yeah, he ambushes her every time she goes up the stairs. I had to start running because she’s an old lady and I don’t want her to fall.” Another suggested, “You need to collect the best you’ve got and make a book to sell. It’s too good to pass up!”

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“I needed this today. Thank you,” posted a third. “It’s fantastic. A big ‘ouch’ from me. Your cat reminds me of my first cat which I miss very much. Loved this video,” shared a fourth. “Why do they look like siblings, I think they are siblings, but they look like twins so cute,” wrote a fifth.

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