Blown Away Season 1: Where Are They Now?

Glass blowing competition show, blow away, Excite your audience by transporting them into a world of unique craftsmanship. Season three is set to release in July 2022, and many fans of the series are interested in seeing what the previous contestants have been up to since their debut.

From Leah Kudel to Deborah Ceresco, blow away brings new opportunities for each Season 1 contestant to focus on their work and further their careers. Today, many continue to create exciting, creative and beautiful glass works that can be purchased by the most avid fans (and visible on their social media profiles).

Kevin Keefe

Kevin is introduced on the show as a graduate of the University of Hawaii with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and a passion for surfing and glassblowing. Although the exhibition ended in tenth place, he continued to make glass objects and sells or trades most of his pieces, which appear to be mostly glasses or glasses, on his Facebook page.

Recently, Kevin shared some sad news on his page that a thief had stolen his glass blowing tools, although he hopes to rebuild his equipment and continue creating.

Benjamin Kickert

Benjamin Kickert blows glass in

Fans know Benjamin as a graduate of the Craft and Design program at Sheridan College in Ontario and as president of the Canadian Glass Art Society. Benjamin now lives primarily in Vancouver and owns the Vancouver Glass Studio and Gallery, which offers classes, commissions, and work that can be ordered from a variety of glass artists.

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Benjamin also made the front page of the newspaper Vancouver is great He discussed his work and overcoming the pandemic in the magazine and posted the news on Instagram.

Edgar Valentine

Edgar Valentine in the studio for

Edgar was the youngest competitor this season and always finished first in every race.After finishing in eighth place, the Tacoma native returns to the international Netflix show in the spin-off’s first season Blown Away: Christmas.

Edgar has his own website where people can purchase his glass, textiles and accessories, and some of his creations are on display at the Tacoma Art Museum. Edgar’s Instagram also contains many pictures and videos of his process and final product.

Annette Shepherd

Annette Shepherd smiles as she talks to the camera in

Annette arrives blow away Works as a management consultant by day and professional glassblower by night. Annette continues to blow glass today and works in artificial intelligence and machine learning at Oracle.

Annette’s website showcases all of her creations, from cute animal sculptures to fun vases. Her Instagram has many photos of outdoor adventures and her dog Poppy. Currently, Annette is working on a number of other projects, including restoring a 1926 house and learning to play and make the ukulele.

Leah Kuder

Leah Kudel works with glass in Blown Away.

Leah holds Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education and Glass from the University of Alberta and the Alberta College of Art and Design respectively, and has participated in multiple glass exhibitions and competitions.

Since finishing sixth on the show, she has opened her own glassblowing studio and gallery called Suspending Studio in Edmonton, Canada. The studio offers classes for all ages, custom artwork, and collectibles that can be purchased and shipped online. Leah’s Instagram and website showcase some of her creations, including glass and other media.

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Momoko “Momo” Shafer

Momoko Momo Schafer talks to the camera in

Momo, who holds a BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, participated in the exhibition during a residency at the Worcester Craft Artists Center. She captures the interest of her audience with her unique and creative glass works.

She currently works as a studio assistant at Toots Zynsky and her work is on display at the Sandwich Museum of Glass in Massachusetts, where she shares photos on Instagram. Some of her art can be purchased on her website, including lotus sculptures and figurines.

Patrick Primo

Patrick Primo smiles for the camera in

The glassblower from Montreal is famous for his dramatic Netflix reality show In recognition of his incredible skill and beautiful glass creations. His work is exhibited at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and the Musée National des Beaux-Arts in Quebec.

Today he continues to create for Studio Welmo, which he co-founded with Caroline Ouellette. On the website, people can purchase products and place custom orders. On Patrick’s Instagram, he updates fans with many photos and videos of the pieces he’s working on and the process of making them.

Alexander Rosenberg

Alexander Rosenberg worked with glass in Blown Away.

Alexander finished third in both seasons blow away and its derivatives Blown away: Christmas. The Philadelphia artist received several grants, including the International Glass Prize, before participating in the exhibition.

Alexander has since served as a professor at Salem Community College and currently serves as the Glass Studio Director at the Wheaton Art Center. He has been invited to give numerous prestigious lectures and has exhibited his work in exhibitions around the world. Alexander continues to create beautiful glass lamps and stemware, which he shares on Instagram.

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Janusz Pozniak

Janusz Poźniak talks to the camera in

Even before the great reality TV show, Janusz was a famous glassblower blow awaygiving workshops around the world, and even working with Dale Chihuly.

Since the show aired, Janusz has continued to work on developing the Hohm-meyd company he co-founded with his wife Miishka, and spending time with his two children Attila and Olek. Janusz still blows glass today, and many of his art pieces, including vases, glass hearts and other sculptures, are available for purchase on his website. The artist also teaches internationally in countries such as Türkiye and the Czech Republic.

Deborah Ceresco

Deborah Czeresko smiles for the camera in

Deborah, a renowned glass artist from New York City, came to the exhibition with creative and unconventional ideas.Since winning the first season blow awayDeborah asked to serve as a guest judge in subsequent seasons.

Her work has been exhibited in many museums around the world and has even been featured in Time magazine. Deborah uses her art to work on breaking the stigma of female and queer artists. Many of her unique creations, such as her buffet series and Forgotten Potatoes, can be found on her website.

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