My Hero Academia’s Deku Is Killing A Fan-Favorite Reformed Villain

Warning: Spoiler My Hero Academia Episode 379 Reformed Villain Mrs. Nagant Was Killed By Deku my hero academy Ironically Her character has just been reintroduced as the fan-favorite heroine has been absent for so long.

exist my hero academy In Kohei Horikoshi’s Chapter 379, flashbacks show Mrs. Nagant, who appears to be still recovering, being forced to stop her inpatient treatment early to accept Deku’s earlier pleas to fight by his side. . She even walked away despite a warning from the waiter, who suggested that moving could cause her injuries to be severely damaged. Though perhaps not directly, Deku’s words can kill the reformed villain.

Deku may have indirectly killed Mrs. Nagant

The last paragraph of the previous chapter and the flashback in the current chapter demonstrate that Ms. Nagant put her life in jeopardy against the wishes of those serving in the hospital. The fact that the movement Waitress mentions can lead to deadly complications underscores the severity of her current predicament, as she not only activated her rifle ability but also stretched and formed a tassel from that rifle, forming a sight mirror. And that’s not even to mention the strain on her body due to the recoil of the rifle. It is also implied that she created two bullets that she fired at Tomura Shigaraki to prevent him from using his newly restored eccentric ability. my hero academy Chapter 377, Ammunition Making deals with Mrs. Nagant twisting and shaping her hair.

These actions, combined with the hospital staff’s advice to Ms. Nagant, demonstrate that she is putting her own life in jeopardy. The fact that Ms. Nagan was motivated by Deku’s request suggests that he was killing her, albeit indirectly. If Deku hadn’t said his words, surely Mrs. Nagan wouldn’t have pushed her to this point. Deku’s plea was unnecessary, as it was just part of a larger effort to bring her back as a hero. In fact, Deku’s entire speech led to All For One activating his explosive eccentricity hidden inside her for the first time, just because she laughed. Nagant then tries to trick the villain by revealing a plan she was tricked into believing All For One didn’t want to share. my hero academy Chapter 316 Although Deku’s words and deeds help turn Nagant into light, they can be fatal.

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Why my hero academy Mrs. Nagant must be killed


Finally, if Mrs. Nagant died, all of these events could have made her death more poetic. Before she suddenly returns in the final chapter, my hero academy Her story takes such a tragic turn, when her first act as a reformed villain accidentally pushes her and Deku’s new allies into a The trap can easily kill them. When making the right choice to become a hero, it was a difficult decision because of the initial tragedies she was forced to endure, as in my hero academy In chapter 314, she only experiences a worse tragedy. Until now IzukuAfter being rescued at the 11th hour, she was finally able to do something that really helped her new allies instead of putting them in danger. This, in turn, has allowed her story to take an unusually positive turn for the first time. However, if my hero academy want to draw more Mrs. Nagant As a tragic character, her death certainly meets that, and then some.

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